True Origin Of WAP Is Found And It’s Not What You Think | Never Lie To Parent About WAP As You May End Up In Being Trouble For Their Innocence

True Origin Of WAP

WAP Song by Cardi B has taken internet by storm. Currently top of the chart not only in USA but many other countries. The lyrics of this song, sassy dance style is talk of the town. Ask anyone if they know WAP and I am sure they may even show you the WAP signature step. But do you know what has truly inspired the WAP dance. The true origin of WAP has been found and it’s not New York or LA but a far far away place.

TikTok, Twitter and YouTube are fueling WAP frenzy by everyday adding new videos WAP dances by users from all the countries.

What Is WAP


Chart buster rap song composed by famous singer and rapper Cardi B. Song is choreographed by JaQuel Knight to highlight black female power. The original motive may sounds very positive and rosy, but the wording tell totally different story. It depicts female power not in usual form but for a area many are afraid to even talk about.


True Origin Of WAP is Found

True Origin Of WAP

A video of gym in China shows how WAP dance was used as one of the fitness exercise. Mainly to firm your buttocks and tummy, the WAP steps were long been championed before Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion.

As you can see stretching the legs and moving the middle portion was found to be beneficial for developing flat abs. If you too are WAP fans, here is music to your ears. Not only the song is good for your ears (pun intended), but mimicking Cardi B’s dance steps can help you get rid of body fat and achieve perfect body shape.

Here is the true origin of WAP and see how it was long been touted as perfect health exercise.


Never Lie To Your Parents About WAP

When everybody is talking about WAP or making TikTOk and YouTUbe videos of WAP dance, natually the curiosity in your parents mind increases. Don’t expects your parents to know what WAP is all about. This sassy song is not something to discuss with your parents, forget talking about its lyrics.

But what will you do when you mom asks what’s WAP or what it stands for. You need to be creative like AOC. In the tweek responding to Cardi B, AOC explained WAP as Women.

True Origin Of WAP

Be creative and find a good long form of WAP to shar with parents. But beware, lying sometimes can backfire too.

One mom asked her adult daughter, what is WAP. Not knowing what answer to give, the daughter replies WAP is Wine and pizza.

That night something unexpected happened. Her mom ordered wine and pizza. Not only that, she also updated status on Facebook as “treating my kids to WAP tonight”. May be mom too wanted to brag about WAP (off course not knowing what WAP exactly stands for) and it totally backfired.

True Origin Of WAP

The daughter realized pitfalls of lying to her mother, but alas, the opportunity has slipped off of hand as the damage was already been made.

Watch the hilarious WAP conversation between daughter and mother.


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