True MLB Fan Shows What Money Can Buy | A Rich MLB Fan Has Spent Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Fill Stadium With Cardboard Cutouts

How rich fans can show off their money power in support of their favorite team.

A rich and true MLB fan shows how to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to fill stadium.

true MLB fan shows

Heard the term filthy rich and their extravagant way to show off the money power. With the power of their thick wallet. these extremely rich people want to control the world, do the things in style. Whether it is buying a home or buying a plane, the style matters. These filthy rich want to set precedence and do the things like never before. Here is shocking story of true MLB fan shows what money can buy.

Meet Paul Garrett, Chicago White Sox fan. Due to ongoing pandemic where games are cancelling, the mandatory social distancing is keeping MLB patrons away from the stadium. The fear of getting contracted with Coronavirus (COVID-19) is keeping everyone on the bay, this dire White Sox fan came up with a novel idea.

An idea that will flaunt his wealth and show his love for White Sox team.

True MLB Fan Shows What Money Can Buy

true MLB fan shows

The pro players need cheering and jeering from audience. The louder the cheering, the more interesting game becomes. Without the shouting and chanting fans, the pro players too don’t get game feeling. But the COVID19 has forced to pro season games played without audience or very few people are showing up for the game. This is a dampening experience to Pro league players.

Paul wanted to cheer his team in a novel way. He bought hundreds of cardboard cutouts of himself and occupied almost all front rows. Area near players dugout was filled with artificial supporters (cardboard supporters). To support the noise and cheering, sound effects were played.

true MLB fan shows

What better way can be to show off your love for your favorite MLB team and the power of your purse. Only filthy rich people can afford this kind of extravaganza. Nevertheless, his attempt has brighten the spirit of his team. Check out the MB ranking and scores and you will see that Chicago White Sox have actually won their game.

The pro leagues in the absence of patrons and dismal tickets sell are already suffering financial losses. I am sure all pro-leagues are hoping to have Paul like fans to bring their budget into black.

Go Paul Go!…

Video showing how filthy rich spends money in style. True MLB fan shows novel idea to cheer his team. Amazing story of a MLB fans novel idea to cheer his team will leave you in awe.


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