Tribute to Kobe Funny commercials by Bryant Kobe Vs Messi

Kobe will be known forever for his on field and off field performance. Now that Bryant is no more with us (R.I.P. Kobe), we thought of sharing some of his hilarious commercials especially the ones with Messi.

Top of the list of off-course is Turkish Airlines

The magical performance by both Bryant and Messi puzzles the kid who wanted an autograph. See the duet between Kobe and Messi in action here. Watch till the end and what happens in the end is truly hilarious

Next is the FIFA 16 Commercial where Bryant, Messi and Santa were involved.

Kobe is shown to be the expert video game player who beats Messi in the FIFA16 game. When Messi loses to Kobe, the fun begins from Santa’s talking reindeers who lured Kobe to play one more game to make it even. Then one more as best of three and this counties till best of 100, 137 and so on. Very hilarious and fun to watch

Kobe you may have gone but will never be forgotten

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