Tour Of New Grand Canyon Worth Visiting Place On Earth | Worlds New Attraction Is Your Alternative For Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon has maintained its lead position as World’s top 7 wonders.

With new attraction discovered across the globe, the charm of this tourist spot is subdued. Here is a tour of new Grand Canyon.


Tour of new grand canyon worth visiting place on earth. Decades ago, places such as Pyramid of Giza, Leaning Tower of Pisa have lead the 7 wonders of the world. However the landscape is changing rapidly. New territories are discovered and developed as tourist places. This gave a rare opportunity to tourist to explore new destination.

Grand Canyon

Arizona’s leading and world famous spot, Grand Canyon is till date one of the top placed visited in USA. The rough and rugged mountains, curvy Colorado river leading to the famous attractions like Horse Shoe Bend has long attracted many tourist to this place.

Similar structure has been discovered near Toronto, Canada and Xinjiang in China. Xinjiang due to its uncanny similar to Grand Canyon is emerging as World’s top visited place. Welcome to the world’s new found attraction and tourist place one must visit.


Recent Development Have Added Glory To This New Grand Canyon

The terrain similar to any desert place is making tourist to compare this newly found attraction with Grand Canyon. Thanks to the local government’s enormous efforts, the approach road to this place itself highlighted as another tourist spot.

Tour of new grand

The curvy road running through mountains is giving unique opportunity to adventure seeking tourists.

Welcome To The Tour Of New Grand Canyon

Tour of new grand

World’s new attraction is your alternative for Grand Canyon. Steep cliffs, panoramic view of miles long mountains and situated at similar elevation as Grand Canyon this newly developed tourist place has everything to call as World’s new Grand Canyon.

The thrill of vising this place during winter season is not less. With snow clad mountains, there is so much to do during cold season too.

Tour of new grand

Next time you are searching for World famous tourist places, don’t forget to include Xiajiang in your itinerary.

Until then take a sneak peek at the tour of new Grand Canyon


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