Tough Science And General Knowledge Quiz. Can you Solve It ?


Very Tough Science And General Knowledge Quiz. Can you Solve It ?

Touch Science And General Knowledge Quiz

Science and General Knowledge Quiz. Can you Solve It ?

Tough 17 questions to check your knowledge about Science, World History, Chemistry and General Knowledge. Only geniuses and hardworking students can solve this quiz.

Are you ready ?

Fortunately, little games are there to relax... or make you even crazier 🙂

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Who was the author of the book "Gulliver's Travels ?"




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In which country is Cape town located ?




3 / 17

The Egyptian God Horus is the God of ...




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How many electrons per shell does a Helium Atom have ?




5 / 17

Approximately what percentage of the Earth's surface

is covered by ocean ?



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Of the following Dinosaur Era's, which period of

time is the most recent ?



7 / 17

Which of the following Olympian holds the all time record for most Gold Medals ?



8 / 17

The virus responsible for AIDS (HIV) is an example of a ?




9 / 17

Which of the 7 wonders of the Ancient World

was built first ?



10 / 17

From which mineral is Radium obtained ?




11 / 17

In which century was the Colosseum in Rome Built ?




12 / 17

What is the name of the first dog in space ?




13 / 17

In Computer Terminology, what does DOS

stand for ?



14 / 17

Atmospheric pressure is measured with ?




15 / 17

How far is sun from Earth in miles ?

Approximation is fine



16 / 17

Software such as Trojan Horse, worms, viruses that have malicious intent are known as ?



17 / 17

The Southeast Asian Nation of Myanmar was formally known as ?




The average score is 29%


How much you enjoyed this quiz.


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