Top 10 : This is why people should be banned from using TikTok

With more than 1 billion plus active users, TikTok is now the most popular social app on the planet. But can the 30 seconds video be so bad that you feel like banning these users permanently from TikTok and send them far far away to the moon.

Having a smartphone and some weird idea of making a video will land you to something like below. Watch at your risk

Checkout these 10 crazy/ hilarious videos and the pathetic TikTok users acted in it


Amazing case of a singer who is trying to sing with whatever he has got. Forget the language of the video or background track, but if you notice carefully, he is actually using kitchen utensils.


Two dudes, not sure what they are doing, but this definitely is not a dance. Someone pleas tell these dudes to shut off their phone and spend time on something else


After dudes, now we have 2 hilarious gals. I am pretty sure the idea behind making this video was good, however the dancer’s weren’t. Check out the funny dancing girls


Please folks, tell this guy not to abuse the camera. I am sure after filming this video his cell phone must have died. Does he know, dancing needs lot of ordination and body movements. So just get rid of this lazy attitude and next time post something that we will like


Only men are not crazy, some women too live in fantasy land. When you are disillusioned and far far away from reality, this is what you will shoot on your camera.

@malyssad123#hahaha #cowgirlbootscountry #featurthis #foryoupage #hilarious #dancing? original sound – xkell22


You should dance like never before, however not this much crazy. I am pretty sure all the other kids are so much in awe and shock that they will never think of dancing or watching someone else’s dance


Remember the song, we will rock you and words .. buddy you are an old man, poor man. The only difference is this time we have got an old lady. But please somebody better put you back in your place and definitely, you did not rock us at all


I watched this one 2-3 times, but till the end did not understand what he or she trying to do. He was bound to fall after these crazy steps. When you are not a ballerina but try to become one, this happens


This is my all time favorite. First of all, this dude can not dance. With expressionless face, he still made this crazy video. And then the cherry in the icing is that he also tried dancing in Frozone’s dress, still no luck


This is the case of instant karma. This dude tried to show off some crazy steps. Off course his friends are not impressed and when the patience has worn out, he got the beating from them

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