Too Good To Be True Amazing Stunt By Teen Will Leave You Searching For Answers

Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True Amazing Stunt By Teen Will Leave You Searching For Answers. The video is real but the stunt so unbelievable. In the quest of doing something better and excelling his own performance, this teenage boy has managed to pull amazing stunt.

In the days when everything is locked down, parks closed, no party or social gathering allowed, the teens and adults are finding it difficult to kill the time. How much time one can stay indoor playing video games.

With stay at home order in place, I am sure you all are feeling bored but afraid of going outside due to the fear of Coronavirus. The user in this video, decided to use his free time to challenge himself.

The stunt involves a 2 liter Coke bottle. Theme was based on simple physics. While playing with Coke or Pepsi bottle you may have accidentally ended up shaking the bottle just before opening thus letting the soda gush out right on your face. If the memories of this accident are recent, then you will understand the physics involved with this stunt.

When you shake the soda bottle, as the soda spurts out with force, this force if directed in proper direction can jettison the bottle up in the air giving a rocket effect. Simply physics, isn’t it.

Too Good To Be True

The teen has used this very principal of physics. But what is amazing about this video is the speed of execution.

Too Good To Be True

He began the stunt by hitting the Coke bottle to the ground. The gushing soda shoots the bottle up int the air. As you can see the bottle has sprung up in the air under force.

Too Good To Be True

The boy races to the other end and you won’t believe your eyes but also manages to catch the same bottle before it hits the ground.

Truly amazing stunt, feels like too good to be true. Watch this unbelievable stunt video here

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