Tired Of Corona Virus News It’s Meme Times And Have Some Fun

Tired Of Corona Virus News It’s Meme Times And Have Some Fun. Here are top 5 memes for some fun and laughter. Don’t be afraid of all the scary virus news (it’s serious and we by no mean try to belittle the importance of protecting you and your family from it), take your attention away from the news and take a breath.

Our High IQ meme will help you refresh your mind.


With the ongoing frenzy of hoarding tons of toilet papers, this meme talks about the current situation.


So if you are wondering how does a girl sneeze verses a boy, check out this meme

Tired Of Corona Virus


So boomers, if you are reading the news, you are the most vulnerable group to this Viral COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and protect yourself. For the other times, read this meme

Tired Of Corona Virus


Tired Of Corona Virus News It’s Meme Times And Have Some Fun.¬†What about a llama meme. Llama’s too watch the news and want to stay protected

Tired Of Corona Virus

Take a deep breath, take your attention away from scary news played on all major news channel as it’s meme time. I am sure you need a dose of laughter, best medicine to stay healthy and ready to fight against this deadly virus.


How about the Despicable meme. Add the spices of corona virus and here is your joyful meme recipe.

Like the Corona virus meme, check out these High IQ meme and jokes for more fun.

Memes for the day

Try our logical reasoning riddle to see how smart are you in quickly catching the odds

Logical reasoning quiz Guess who is poor

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