TikTok Dog Of The Year Has Raked In Millions Of Views | New Social Media Sensation Pet Dog Is Trained To Use The Potty For Pee And Poop

Ever seen a pet so trained that it uses human potty seat, welcome to TikTok dog of the year.

Dog owner is proud that he no longer need to be embarrassed for his dog peeing or pooping in public places.


TikTok dog of the year

As a pet owner the most challenging task is to train your pet, or incase of dogs, the term is housebreaking. When you adopt a pup, remember those initial months when your furry buddy pees and poops inside the house sometimes in the corners not easily accessible. When a pet overcomes this challenges, he becomes TikTok dog of the year.

You want to bring your pup to every party or every place you visit. But what if your pet embarrass you by doing his job in public places, sometimes where you don’t want your pet to urinate, he or she goes at exact those spots leaving you to clean up the mess.

TikTok Dog Of The Year Is Social Media Sensation

TikTok dog of the year

This no longer a problem for the owner of this golden retriever. The dog is not only housebroken but trained enough to use human potty for peeing and poop. Instead of using scented pads specifically designed for dogs, this social media hero dog uses potty seat. This furry buddy even knows to flush the toilet after doing his job. What a proud moment for the owners.

Watch the TikTok dog of the year in action before we continue further.


Isn’t that impressive. Well, just like you and me, over 110 million viewers too think it that way. This trained dog video has been watched over 100 plus million viewers across the globe. The US stats too impressive with 2.2 million views and hundreds of thousands of positive comments has brought the mantel of most viral and sensational pet video on social media.

The view count dwarfs what other famous pet videos on YouTube or Facebook video have amassed.

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