This weeks TOP 10 trending viral and newsworthy Videos

This weeks TOP 10 trending viral and newsworthy Videos

We score through numerous channels to find newsworthy and viral videos. In this week’s collection of trending videos, you will see


When you are lazy, nothing much planned for the day, then the question arises; how to spend the day. This is what you should do to feed yourself or your lazy other half. With this trick, you will be able to kill the time, at the same time pamper yourself with some delicious Chocolates.


Who says pets can not be a company especially when you want to play some skillful board games such as Jenga. Our pet dogs are trained to play JengaΒ and moreover they may even beat you in this game. Moral of the story – never underestimate your furry friend


You may have tried commonly available toys to entertain your cat. But do you know some of your kids games can off unstoppable entertainment to your cats. If you haven’t tried already, check out this simple car racing track to keep your cat totally occupied. I am sure she will beg for more play time so keep the batteries handy.


Sometimes you are too curious, sometimes you try to be mischievous. This is what happens when you mess up with the things you are not suppose to. Amazing domino effects for the viewers, not sure what has happened to the guy who started it (but hey, who cares)


There is a saying, “Size doesn’t matter’, well this little weasel ball proves it to you. No matter how big your opponent is, when you decide to play, you simply play and enjoy the game. See this trending play time video of Emu, Ostriches and their tine-tiny opponent.


Let’s think out of the box. Rather than the regular cats and dogs, how about having a monkey as your pet. Well, first of all it”s fun and second thing, it can become your backpack. This monkey is using his native hanging technique to swing around with the owner and pay can be more fun especially when your owner is cute and charming



While you may be sincerely doing your cleaning job, for some others it is fun. These cats did not like the intruders or the window cleaning he was doing. Moreover, they couldn’t understand the squeeze he was using. While these cats enjoys playing with the squeeze, the poor guy did not have any idea what’s going on inside


Who doesn’t love their wife. I am sure we hate our better half in one way or the other. But how to vent our anger without fighting with your wife. Try this simple wine glass trick. And hey, you never know it may turn out to be a trending video just like below. Give a try and see your self


You all know the famous Columbia studio trade mark. Many famous movies created by Columbia studio have this trade mark beginning of the screening. But have you thought what this Sony entertainment’s famous status does before taking the picture worthy pose. Check this out and I am sure you will burst into laughter


Another trend setting video by our famous furry friend; this time it’s a cat. If you are WWF fan and enjoy the wrestling tricks, then this one is for you. Only this time, our dear cat is knocked out of the ring by another opponent. Poor puss, i am sure she will be okay

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