This weeks top 10 Trending videos

Folks, as promised here is this week’s popular, newsworthy and trending videos.

We have scored through tons of websites and vetted the below one as most happening and viral videos.



When you need some magic combined with acrobatic moves, then simple tasks such as pouring the milk can become interesting. Don’t believe, check this out. The real fun is when your trick goes wrong. This is what you get



This one truly is an eyecandy. The girl doesn’t do much but if you want to sooth your eyes, this one is a must watch. Watch the beautiful Superman in action (or shall I say Superwomen)


As many of you know the wildfire in Australia is quite raging and it has already devastated a significant portion of animal kingdom. The damage is widespread and for sure will be long lasting. When the situations are dire like this, every drop of water is important. See this chopper in action getting water from neighborhood swim pool. Something so odd, I have never seen in my life

@elijahjohnsonausthey’ll take whatever water they can get #nswfires


Want to feed a tiger and then count his teeth. If you that kind of a daredevil, then you must check this out and I am sure you will find someone as courageous as you. But if you as scared as me, then just watch and enjoy others doing it. Totally freighting.



Science has now surpassed every expectations, shattered all the ceilings no matter how tall they are. Here is another scientific breakthrough where a robotic fish swimming just like a natural one has been created and introduced to the world. Truly amazing and a breakthrough technology



If you are as flexible like this dude, then this trick is meant for you. He wanted to capture his every move so he tried cellphones to his shoes to get a real life video. But dude, you should have used Go-pro for better results



Funny and viral fails



Another big dude failed badly

♬ original sound – afvofficial


This dude is awesome

♬ quick2ditch – truthorange




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