This Video Will Show You How Our Pets Are Quickly Adopting Stay At Home Quarantine Routine | Quite Hilarious Pet Video

This Video Will Show

This Video Will Show You How Our Pets Are Quickly Adopting Stay At Home Quarantine Routine. Quite Hilarious Pet Video. Not only we but our pets too are tired of staying at home. No outing or getting to mingle with other pets at the dog park, you may not be understanding but your pets too are missing those sunny days.

With the quarantine days slowly turning into quarantine months, we all have now become customary to the work from home or stay at home schedule. But have you recently noticed changes in your funny pets. They too are missing stepping out of home, daily two times walk, socializing with other pets.

As we have slowly started adopting the change in lifestyle, our pets are too. See this golden retriever and how swiftly he has learnt the stay at home routine.

Your pets may be giving you unconditional love, but sometimes they act too selfish. This furry friend want to stay protected from Coronavirus and he knows staying indoor at home is the best defense against this deadly virus. But there is a catch, until this everything looks okay and normal. The catch is, this golden retriever pesters his owner to take him out when he fees like. But seeing that it’s not becoming possible, he decided to take sweet revenge.

This Video Will Show

If no one is ready to step out for a walk then so should be true for peeing too.

Fortunately, the pets have proven to be resilient to COVIS-19 with very seldom cases reported so far. To remind his owner how daily walk is important, the golden retriever peed on the floor inside the home.

This Video Will Show

Looking at the big puddle of water formed and the trouble owner has to take to clean it, I am sure the owner will understand the importance of taking his dog out for daily walk. Again, despite the stay at home mandates in place, certain things such as going for dog walk or shopping the grocery are permitted.

Watch this dog’s sweet revenge against his owner. This Video Will Show You How Our Pets Are Quickly Adopting Stay At Home Quarantine Routine

The TikTok video showing the dog’s sweet revenge against his owner have quickly caught attention of many users. Millions of views and hundreds of comments made this video as trending video on TikTok.

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