This Pennsylvania Driver Has Paid $5000 To Get CNN LIES Car License plate

Some people are really passionate about their opinion. Some goes even further to display it to others. We found many such examples where person’s act was politically motivated. For example, the CNN network, New York Times, Washington Posts or ‘Mainstream Media’ in general are under constant attack by people who do not like the opinions expressed by their anchors or hosts. Here is one of the notable example of this Pennsylvania Driver.

Take the example of this Pennsylvania Driver who has spent $5000 just to make his point public. Well, from PennDOT he has ordered a special number plate for his plush Cadillac XT5, that says CNN LIES.

This Pennsylvania Driver Has Paid $5000 To Get CNN LIES Car License plate

Just like Foxnews, I believe @CNN too is a respected news organization.

The story doesn’t end here as upon searching around, I came across with many funny (sometimes even offensive) car license plates. Here is the collection of funny or offensive car license plates that people have bought.

As you know the custom license plates cost anywhere from few hundreds to thousands of dollars. Depending on rarity of the license plate, some notable examples show that drives have paid $300,000 (yup, you read it right, three hundred thousand dollars just on one license plate). All these expenditure just to express their own virtue publicly.

Here are more funny and hilarious number plates people have obtained to express their political affiliation or political opinion.


In another case, this Indiana person is proudly showcasing his COVFEFE number plate. Two person with completely different ideology and thinking.

Continue reading as we have more politically motivated plates.


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