This is what other countries are doing to prevent Corona Virus. USA unfortunately can’t take these steps

This is what other

With the Corona Virus aka COVID-19 outbreak has completely gone out of control, strict measurements to curb the contagion are needed. Here is how other countries are trying to stop contagion. Social distancing is the only savior until a cure has been found. This is what other countries are doing to prevent Corona Virus. USA unfortunately can’t take these steps

This is what other

Indian police officers have been hitting people with sticks in order to discourage them from leaving the house needlessly. The UK needs to take this approach, I’d love to see people thwacked with a stick for not taking this seriously. This is what other countries are doing to prevent Corona Virus

In another incident captured on the camera, the cops were punishing people gathered in the mosque. The orders were strict, a group or 10 or more were not allowed. Still some people have decided to break the law. However given the speed at which this virus is impacting the life of people and government servants alike, cops have to take rigorous actions.

Compilation of Indian police hitting people to deter going our during Corona pandemic. Indian police are now world famous. This is what other countries are doing to prevent Corona Virus


Action like this have deterred people from stepping out unless necessary. This has curbed the spread of virus in other parts of world.

This is what other

Similarly, in African countries too, moral police are stopping gathering of young blokes gathering unnecessarily.

Watch how people in Nigeria are reacting to those who do not practice Social distancing.

Unfortunately, in US these measures are not possible. But reckon those days are not far away when our cops too decide to take serious measures and punish the people who are breaking the social distancing norms.

As for Florida, and their beach/party situation: I see the Jaws 1 movie repeated with the Major of that beach town trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of the tourist pockets, lying about the danger in the water.

Every day that you can delay critical information…

All these idiots in Florida y’all keep going go to the beach party it up you’re going to ruin it for everybody when the military comes in makes everybody fucking sit home and then you risk getting shot for going out and then you’re going to be mad. One of the most successful thing that Covid19 has done to people is bring out the idiot in them like the beach party in Florida.

The consequences are dire: “Israel Carreras, 40, died in hospital Friday due to complications from the highly contagious virus he is believed to have caught at a dance party held on Miami Beach earlier this month.”

When a cure is not available, our best defense is prevention. Given that the anti-viral medicine still in process and can take anywhere from 12-18 months, stay inside and stay protected. If you stay alive and come out of this pandemic successful, there is ample life ahead of us to grumble to curse the government for enforcing draconian measures.

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