This Is The Most Important Commodity In Asia After Lockdown And The Miles Long Lines Prove It | Why Booze Lover Should Never Visit Asia

This is the most important commodity in Asia after lockdown and the miles long lines prove it.

The Video is a proof as the most important reason why booze lovers should never visit Asia

The most important commodity

Some of the Asian countries have decided to lift the lockdown. Unlike in US, the lockdown in developing nation carry a different meaning, absolute shutdown of most of the daily affairs. Many governments in the Asian economy have ordered closing of shops, offices and many other places thus prohibiting people’s movement. As the quarantine period ended, this is the most important commodity revealed post lockdown.

The police in China or India have great discretion as to who is allowed to go outside during quarantine period. Anyone violating those orders were punished immediately. The punishments were severe and most of the time included hitting violators with baton or bamboo stick.

During lockdown many businesses and offices were classified as unnecessary, one of which was liquor or wine shop. Unlike here in US, in India the wine shops are altogether a separate entity and operate under special permits. In the wine shop all you can buy is just wine and beer and nothing else. For any other items, step into the local grocery or convenient store.

Scene After officially lifting the lockdown

As soon as lockdown ended, most of the closed down businesses were allowed to remain open for few hours a day during initial week. We have captured images and video footage from India showing which shop or type of business has received the most number of customers.

In normal circumstances one would think people to line up for a famous restaurant or stores selling essential items. However, the local authority was surprised after knowing that it’s the wine shops that have attracted huge number of customers.

The most important commodity

The number of people flocking the wine or liquor shops have defied all know parameters of explosive response. Not even adults but college going boys and girls too were spotted standing in the line awaiting their turn.

The most important commodity

The liquor shop owners too offered novel welcome to this huge crowd waiting outside even before the shops were open. They offered garlands to the customer as a token of appreciation.

The most important commodity

In some places the were almost a mile long. I am sure watching this footage you will forget your pain to stand outside Costco or Trader Joe’s waiting for your turn to enter the shop.

The most important commodity

This proves the liquor as most important commodity in many Asian countries and Coronavirus fear did not deter the booze lover from flocking to the wine shop. It was a great example of how the drunkard were mindful in obeying the social distancing norms.


After watching these images and footage, I am sure now you know the most important commodity in Coronavirus era. I am kind of speechless as didn’t know people can risk their lives for booze. It’s like anything for the booze which shows addiction in the society towards wine.

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