This Is The Easiest Out In The History Of MLB By First Baseman Using Simple Trick Video Caught On Camera

The pro players playing MLB are expected to be smart as slightest error can cost your team loose a game.

Video shows how Toronto Blue Jays first baseman made New York Yankees batter.

This Is The Easiest Out

This is the easiest out in the history of MLB by first baseman using simple trick. MLB – Major League Baseball, a professional baseball organization with each franchise trying to get the best and smartest players on this planet, where no error is allowed as a slight mistake can cost your league big time.

Just like other pro leagues such as NLF, NBA, NHL, each moment of the game is recorded by hundred of cameras. It is expected that the seasoned pro player joining the league are best of the breed and hence receive salaries in the tune of millions. But ultimately it comes down to the fact that these Pros are human beings and prone to make human errors. Though an error is not tolerated, we see many fumbles on the field, some of them out of euphoria of close to winning the championship or out of depression of losing the game.

Don’t fall into the trap

No matter what the situation is, a pro player is valued based on how he maintains his cool during tremulous time. It’s after all a game and in the spirit of games many mistakes can be overlooked unless your mistake is silly and foolish. Such blunders can sometimes cost the player his career too with the stamp as unfit for pro games.

A silly mistake by New York Yankees batter at first base cost his team one out, whereas the opponent Totonto Blue Jays scored one of the easiest out by the first baseman. Not sure what effect this easy out has made on Yakees batter who became out, but this shows what kind of smartness is needed to be part of this pro league.

A Play book trick fooled MLB Pro Player

This Is The Easiest Out

After hitting a nice shot, the Yankees batter comfortably managed to reach the first base. Feeling relieved he seemed to be ready to make his next move, stealing the base. But the Blue Jays first baseman had different plans.

Each MLB player knows some tricks and the cookbook of on field tricks is widely available. Almost each player knows what mistakes can happen so both sides are well prepared, the batting team on how to avoid silly mistakes and safeguard themselves from these tricks, whereas the fielding team on how to trap opponents in committing a mistake and take advantage of it.

The trick planned by Blue Jays was straight from the book and has been successfully tried in the rookies or junior league games. But when it comes to MLB, the expectations are these pro players already know all these tricks and wont fall a prey to any on the field. But looks like Yankees batter, in the euphoria of stealing the next base, has failed to assess the situation and became part of history – One of the easiest Out in the history of MLB. This bad stigma won’t leave the player and if he tries to forget the fans and sports pundit won’t let him to forget it.

How the trick played its part

Blue Jays first baseman pretended to throw the ball back to the catcher but in reality he hid the ball in his glove and waited for the opportunity. As he saw the Yankees batter is switching the leg, he patiently waited to seize the right moment. Remember, if he gives slightest hint to the batter about his game plans, it will be 100% ruined. He made sure his leg did not leave the base plate during entire time.

This Is The Easiest Out

The batter switched the leg, but in the course of doing so for a split second his shoe lost the contact with base mount. That was the moment the first baseman was looking for. As soon as Yankees batter lost the contact, at the very moment Blue Jays baseman tagged him.

This Is The Easiest Out

The umpire keeping an close eye on the field immediately declared him out. If I am not mistaken the batsman in the video is Yankees Gio Urshela. Couldn’t make out who the Blue Jays first baseman is.

Arguments by Yankees batter to save himself from getting out were failed as the Ump showed him his mistake, sillier than a rookie player.

This Is The Easiest Out

I am sure the break room drama would make him look even more foolish and it won’t be easy to come out of this stigma how Blue Jays players have outsmarted him using a simple trick.

The footage was played multiple times on the field angering Yankees fans as to ow their player can be so foolishly fell prey to the trick by first baseman. In the end New York Yankees Batter fooled by Blue Jays First baseman.

Watch live – This Is The Easiest Out In The History Of MLB Video caught on camera.


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