This Is How Women In China Are Handling The Bullies | This iPhone Case Hack Is For Self Protection And Safety From Unwanted Intruders

People are improvising different types of phone cases, some of them will make you laugh whereas other are life protection hacks.

Video how women in China are teaching bullies a lesson is best example of how iPhone case hack can become life saving gadget.


how women in China


This is how women in China are handling the bullies. A simple iPhone case hack will show you how it can be used for self protection and ensure safety from unwanted intruders. I am sure this novel iPhone (or for that matter any smartphone case) will deter potential miscreant to think twice before harassing you.

Bullies this smartphone case is coming after you.


Traditional iPhone (Smartphone) Cases

how women in China

Most of the traditional smartphone or iPhone cases come as a protection t your costly phone. Few cases come with trendy and useful options such as kickstand so you can keep your phone standing without any help and watch favorite videos hands free.

Some cases offer additional pocket to hold your credit cards and driver’s license. These cases have a hidden leather pouch or slot in which you can slide and store your visa card and ID. For example check out iPhone Wallet Case. Flip Leather Cover Card Slot Holder with Kickstand.

But chances are you may end up buying a shinny glittering case as Glitter Case Mirror Series. This case has Diamond studded ring acting as kickstand. The shiny screen acts as a mirror so you don’t have to carry extra one in your purse.

Can Your Smartphone or iPhone Case Protect Your When In Danger

As technology is evolving, so are our needs. We want our shiny iPhone case to do even more. Act as a tool or weapon when needed. That is where iPhone Cases as Stun Gun is born. The Stun Gun Smart Cell Phone Case offers 3-in-1 protection

  • Protection for your iPhone
  • Charge your battery (extra juice pack)
  • Most importantly a stun gun to protect incase you are in danger.

This multi-function self-defense cell phone accessory is must have for any women carrying iPhone. Protect yourself as well protect your phone and charge your battery.

The highest-powered (5.0mAh) stun gun devices in built in the casing of your iPhone will automatically recharge when you are charging your phone. The stun gun is concealed so discretely into the smartphone case that it draws no suspicion or attention while carrying it in your hand and will be the best element of surprise. The loud, bright stun gun produces a painful sting with its 7+ microcoulomb /5.0mAh of stopping power that zaps your attacker into submission immediately.


Improving iPhone Case To Deter Bullying and Bullies

A woman was waiting in line to place the order for her drink.

Seeing that the the woman is taking longer time to place her order, suddenly another man enters and tries to pushes her away. After seeing pushed away, anyone feels dejected and sad.

The woman had no choice but to get overpowered by this strong guy. But what she does next is truly amazing. She took out her iPhone and started talking angrily.

how women in China

Shockingly, the bully man turns back and offer her apologies. At first, I thought, seeing this woman’s anger the man has realized his mistake. But of you watch the video carefully, pay extra attention to her improvised iPhone case, you would know the reason.

how women in China

Her iPhone case is made of a huge sharp knife. Do you think you would like to mess-up someone carrying such big knife as smartphone case. I am sure the answer is NO!

Watch the video of how women in China are handling the bullies.


Here is another Women only iPhone casing. Sleek, fancy and stylish which can come handy when you are alone in secluded face and want to protect yourself from unwanted intruders.


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