This insect is gifted with natural camouflage. Video will leave you in awe

Wild life photographer David Weiller has captured a rare species of leaf and stick insect. This insect is gifted with a natural camouflage to protect it from its predators. The leaf insect is otherwise harmless and survive on tree leaves. The video captured below shows that this insect is aware of his natural camouflage and doesn’t leave trees or bushes that assimilates it.

This insect is gifted with natural camouflage

Our military has spent and will continue to spend billions of dollars on developing camouflage to gain access to enemy locations without alerting them, however most of these dollars have proven to be wasted. Scientist and major defense contractors are taking cues from wild life to understand how animals, insects and birds understand their best chance against the predators and save themselves from being spotted quickly. This study is ongoing and offering vital clues on how to develop an effective camouflage strategy.

This insect is gifted with natural camouflage

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