This Happens Only In Tanzania Worry Free Playful Lion’s Life

This Happens Only In

While we all are scared of the pandemic corona virus has caused, life in some part of the world is still unaffected. For instance see these playful lions in deep love in the forest. This Happens Only In Tanzania Worry Free Playful Lion’s Life

The worry free and playful lions gave once in lifetime opportunity to the safari tourist. Seeing totally relaxed lions lying on the street, it was no wonder that the cameras come out to capture this rarest moment.

This Happens Only In

Icing on the top, another lion joined the party and soon can be seen lying down with other lions enjoying the lazy afternoon.

The lions did not take a note of safari vehicles. Looks like they must be used to the Safari vehicles. They are ignoring them. So cute!

This Happens Only In

This is how lion boys hang out in the forest. Shows to us that life moves on, though there will be small bumps or threatening issues like corona virus but all and all the life will continue. So stay relaxed and enjoy this time off with your loved one or just hang out with you friends.

Don’t worry, you will not miss this amazing scene as we have received a first hand video of this lion encounter. Next time you want to see the wild life, consider Tanzania and it’s wild life safari. The flat lush green lands of Tundra and totally relaxed wild life will definitely help you divert from the material issues your are seeing in the busy urban world.

Watch these cute cats in action below


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