This Duo Holds The World Record Of Creating World’s Largest Elephant Toothpaste Experiment Using Yeast That Has Sent Flying Coke Clouds In California Skies

Larger is always better but when you try to break the barrier, the concept of what is larger is shattered.

Unique experiment has sent this duo into the World record book of producing giant Coke clouds in California skies. And till date this duo holds the world record.



Elephant’s toothpaste, a concept that was fairly unknown until 2016, 2017 has suddenly become a known phenomenon. Thanks to the YouTubers and their relentless experiments using Coke, the formation of flying coke clouds or creating thick toothpaste only elephants can use is no longer a novelty. Chances are you may have already seen some of these experiments in small scale or even tried them at home. But this duo holds the world record of creating World’s largest Elephant’s toothpaste explosion science experiment.

This Duo Holds The

An experiment that has already shattered many records and even the concept of what is called as giant. Their experiment using Coke has raised the bar so high that all other devil’s toothpaste explosions are suddenly looking dwarf in comparison to them.


Research Before Experiment

It wasn’t just online search on how to make elephant’s experiment that has lead to the the science experiment of this massive scale. Rather the duo Mark and Nick have studied physics of Coke when mixed with other activating ingredients. The commonly activating ingredients that triggers the bubbly Coke eruption are Mentos, Hydrogen Peroxide, Yeast and even liquid soap.

Nick was very much interested in understanding the chemistry behind formation of thick Coke clouds. The duo set up a workplace and started mixing the activating ingredients with Coke one by one and note down the reaction.

After multiple attempts their relentless efforts came to conclusion about what can make an effective toothpaste explosion when mixed with Coke.


How To Make Elephant’s Toothpaste And Things You Need

  • Coke : this is the main ingredient of our experiment. You can use as little as 2 little Coke or Diet Coke bottle or go nutty and fill the full tank with the Soda drink. Just search YouTube and you will find many experiments where notable influencers have attempted giant scale Coke explosions by filling the swimming pool with Coke.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dry Yeast
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Food Coloring
  • Safety goggles : When you plan to attempt anything in massive scale, safety is very important as anything can go wrong. Better to protect yourself by wearing all safety gears before jumping into action with any science experiment. Make a trip to Home Depot to buy necessary safety gears and goggles before venturing into actual experiment.

The quantity of these ingredients vary depending on the scale of results you want to achieve. For instance if you want to make Elephant’s toothpaste that can fill entire street, consider collecting these items in gallons and tons than ounces.

These things can be easily purchased from Amazon or your local Grocery store.

If you are looking to buy giant water tank for this experiment, consider making a trip to your local Home Depot.


This Duo Holds The World Record

In the quest of amazing the audience, When you invest your energy into finding the science behind creating the giant elephant’s toothpaste, results are surely astronomical. Before venturing to actual experiment, lots of hours were invested into it’s preparation. Starting from identifying a proper site to securing the location, identifying where and what help is required, both Nick and Mark have made sure no aspect of safety was overlooked.

Nick’s backyard was identified as suitable site to perform this experiment. Camera’s were set up at different location to capture every possible angle of this explosion.

A giant water tank arrived at the site. Next task was to fill the tank with Coke and Hydrogen Peroxide. Other items such as food coloring, dish washing soap, Potassium Iodide, Sodium Iodide were mixed in the tank.

The active ingredient in this experiment was dry yeast. Another tank was filled with active yeast and warm water. Yeast acted as a trigger to create the toothpaste explosion.

Everyone was ready wearing protective glasses and full body protection gears. Using ropes, the yeast filled tank was emptied into the giant tank already Hydrogen Peroxide.


Results Were Impressive

This Duo Holds The

The action was instantaneous. The devil’s cloud or elephant’s toothpaste starting erupting almost instantaneously. Everyone was aware of this eruption and hence ran to a safety location.

Results were not only phenomenal but somewhat astronomical never seen before. In few seconds the entire backyard was filled with greenish blue colored toothpaste. The light foam soon started flying in the skies above Nick’s home.

This Duo Holds The

The foam production was so massive that even the backyard proven to be small to contain the full volume of toothpaste. Some foam started even jumping over the fence and outside the backyard.

Soon the entire backyard and area in close vicinity was filled with massive amount of elephant’s toothpaste.

This Duo Holds The


This Duo Holds The


This Duo Holds The

Results so impressive that both Mark and Nick were awarded with the World record of creating Giant Elephant’s Toothpaste and till date this duo holds the world record of creative massive Hydrogen Peroxide toothpaste. Their experiment published on YouTube has been watched by a staggering 32 million plus users and holds the mantle of massive devil’s toothpaste explosion.

Watch YouTube video and you will know what this duo holds the world record in toothpaste segment.


If you like to attempt this experiment in small scale, use these ingredients in small amount. A jar in place of tank is sufficient and soon you may end up creating a perfect storm in a jar. A very exciting science experiment to try with your kids. The eruption and colorful toothpaste oozing effects are so enchanting that your kids will surely be excited to watch this beautiful angle of science. Afterall this is how we parents can develop their interest in science.

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