This Dad sends own pictures to daughter’s boyfriends. You won’t believe they don’t doubt

A dad is currently trending on the social media for his uncanny trick to save his daughters. Sexting is becoming quite popular and unless you send your compromising pictures, the love story don’t progress. To save his daughter from falling prey to online scams, this dad decided to take the matter in his hands. Here is the amazing idea he has not only thought but actually implemented.

Many boys asking his daughter her that pictures were happy to receive what they wanted, but the reality was far from what they believe they have got. Shh….the secret is in the end

Here are couple of pictures this dad has sent to all his daughter’s so call boyfriends

When someone asks his daughter for her pictures, this is what her dad use to send

This Dad sends own pictures to daughter's boyfriends

Are you still not happy and want more, here you go…. remember the trick is in the end

This Dad sends own pictures to daughter's boyfriends

However the reality is

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