This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing. Video Viral on TikTok

In a video trending on TikTok, a baby’s reaction to his mom’s fake sneezing is winning the internet over. I needed that in my life today. This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing.

The video became instant viral and has collected over 6 million views (that’s the power of home made videos, nothing scripted and all natural reaction).

Many people have reacted in a positive way. One of the funny response by a Twitter user was –

Rex, you need to delete this. If my wife sees this, she’ll want another baby. I’m too old for another baby. Please … for the love of God … think of your followers before you post.

The fun part is, his wife, Kim, saw husband’s message and replied immediately, “it’s too late”

I love this so much! I keep laughing right along with the video. It reminds me of when my boys were that little. We still laugh together, but it’s not quite the same. That said, any kind laughter is good medicine. The higher the dose the better.

This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing

Mom fake sneeze and baby bursts into laughter. This gives mom an idea to keep repeating the fake sneezes. Everytime the mom sneezes, the baby laughs. And boy, his laughter is truly from his belly. Isn’t that funny. If your baby is congested making them laugh like this will help them cough up gunk from their lungs. Laughter is good medicine. Baby belly laughs are the best. Pure joy and infectious!!

This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing

There is a dog hovering around baby and mom. I love that dogie, just hanging around and waiting for a crumb of food to fall. All and all you can’t beat the laughter of babies. You just can’t. That’s hilarious. That laughter had me rolling, and then the baby’s face when mom touched him, so sweet. I totally started getting teary eyed at that part. Made me miss those days. Babies laughing is the purest thing on earth. How delightful.

This baby laughing at mommy fake-sneezing

Dying laughing here. But immediately after the laughter practical mom mode kicks in and I think if he keeps laughing like that he’s gonna throw up his food. Those precious moments that can now be saved forever. Wasn’t always like this. My favorite sound in the entire world.

Here is the full video. Enjoy and have fun and don’t forget to laugh.

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