Thinking Of Joining Riot Or Protest Take A Look At This Cop And Think Again If You Don’t Want To Loose Your Skull

Thinking Of Joining Riot Or Protest Take A Look At This Cop And Think Again If You Don’t Want To Loose Your Skull. If you are teenager or collage student or unionized worker, thinking of joining the picket lines for a protest, always think about the opposite side. The side of law enforcement who are there to assess the situation and if required control it too.

Thinking Of Joining Riot

Not sure what riot this picture is from, but look at the officer. Also notice the rod or baton he is holding. Under stress it has been bent, that shows the sheer strength this muscle machine has. Now imagine if this office confronts you for not obeying peaceful picketing rules or causing disruption, I am 100% sure your skull will pop out of your head.

Else, worst case scenario, if this battalion is assigned to control a riot disrupting normal life, I am sure this squad of officers are capable of making sure that no one goes back home on their legs. This meme is for those Thinking Of Joining Riot.

Picketing for noble cause or to fight for your rights is better, but many a times you will find directionless teenagers or college students join unnecessary protests. Many a times even the leader of riots do not know the exact cause behind it. And if any public property is vandalized,  the cops have description to use brute force to disperse the rioters.

Looking at the above picture, I guess the officers are holding their baton in the anticipation of what is going to happen. My guess is this officer took his double dose of pre-workout and protein. However on his way to the gym got called out to control the riot. Naturally he seems to be not happy with skipping the gym for some nonsense nuisance making blocks. 10/10 I wouldn’t participate in this riot or protest or whatever be the reason these officers have been called for.

In future, before taking any desperate step, consider the aftermath and consequences your action can bring on you. You may end up in getting beaten badly or end up in the prison for damaging public property. And if the officers on the other side are as hardened and strong as this baton trotting officer, chances are you may loose your skull too.

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