There Is Always Someone That Spoils Family Picture But Daddy Dog Knows How To Fix It

When was the last time you were able to take your full family picture without any spoiling it.

Gathering whole family for a grand picture is always a tough task but our Daddy Dog knows how to handle it. Funny pet video will amaze you.


Family portraits are always remembered for that one member who manage to spoil it. Your family photo may have 20 to 30 people in it but that one guy or kid that at the last moment manage to take some awkward pose is remembered for generation after generation. You know that there is always someone that spoils family picture but daddy dog knows how to fix it.

That one family members

Just see the above picture and you would know what I mean. When all meercats are posing with their best shot, the guy in the center manage to spoil the entire photo shoot. Similar situation was face by this dogs family.

Everyone gathered in their best outfit. Fully dressed in a formal attire. The cameraman was ready, but the at the last moment cat decided to play the spoiler. She was just not ready to face the camera.

there is always someone

But our daddy dog did not want his photo shoot to be cancelled by one unruly family member. Not sure what was cat’s problem or why wasn’t she dressed up like other family members.

there is always someone

Finally the the dog took the lead and dragged the cat back in the scene. Make her stand in the middle and that too facing the camera. The photoshoot finally went well.

there is always someone


They say when going gets tough, the toughs gets the going


You now know who the tough guy of this family is.

Pet videos are always fun, as you see the golden retriever family posed nicely for the picture. I admire the patience they have shown to get dressed up, stay in the same position so that the owner can take a dream come true shot. The cat with her natural intent was watching other passers by. Somehow the big dog noticed this and wanted to make cat too part of this photo session.

I really marvel how he sensed that cat is facing backward. The icing on cake moment came when he decided to drag the cat and shift her position to the middle of all three dogs. Cats are not afraid of the dogs and most of the time overpower the dogs. If you have a pet cat and dog, you may by now know how your naughty cat constantly bother and trouble the dog. Dogs on the contrary are afraid of house cats.

Looks like the tide has finally turned as see in the video below

Watch – There Is Always Someone That Spoils Family Picture


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