Then Mom Now Girlfriend Changing the tires of your new BMW and giving tune up

Then Mom Now GirlfriendWhen you were a kid, your mom took care of your family car – BMW’s maintenance. A women doing car maintenance, as oxymoron as it sounds, your mom lived upto the hype and drive you nuts with her unimaginable ways to fix the car. Then Mom Now Girlfriend Changing the tires of your new BMW and giving tune up.

As you grew up, the saga continued the only difference is now your girlfriend is incharge. The things however become more and more worst.

The truth is a women shall not be allowed to do the car maintenance. If you do not learn this very important life lesson, you will be siphoned off of thousands of dollars paying for their silly mistakes.

Can women ever be able to do car maintenance, let’s find out.

Replacing the flat tire

Your mom looked carefully at the flat tire. Then she look at the chassis and wheel assembly. Thought for a while. Got brilliant idea on how to take out existing tire.

This is what you got.

As you grew up, your girlfriend took your brand new BMW on a ride and ended up with a flat tire. A wise women would call AAA or roadside assistance. Right! But if this women is wise, how can she be your girlfriend and you already know that. So your girlfriend takes the control and decides to change the flat tire on her own.

Like mom, like girlfriend. This is what you get in the end.

Then Mom Now Girlfriend

Matter doesn’t end here, few days later your girlfriend decided to tune your BMW. Then Mom Now Girlfriend

This teaches you why women should never do the car maintenance. Learn this very important lesson and save your money.

If you thinking you are too smart, let me show you the glimpse of you past life. This is you from your collage days when you use to always run short on money. This is how you maintained your car throughout collage years.

Then Mom Now Girlfriend

When you started your first job, still the money equation never ran in your favor. And when you committed parking mistake and ended up getting a jammer on your wheels, you ought to be creative and rescue yourself from this mess. This was you who successfully managed to come out of no-parking zone.

Then Mom Now Girlfriend

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