The Hoarding Karma Is Real. All Toilet Paper Hoarder Be Careful

With the uncertain times like now, it is understandable the panic mode we all are in. However this is not a reason to simply overstock your shelves with stockpiles of necessary items and hoard them. Consumer hoarding” – panic buying isn’t a great compulsion to have right now, but it is an understandable reaction to uncertain times. Beware, the Hoarding Karma Is Real and you may face unexpected issues for hoarding all the toilet rolls, sanitizer and kiddies Calpol and looting the shops to sell the goods in theirs for profit. The Hoarding Karma Is Real. All Toilet Paper Hoarder Be Careful.

# Instant Karma 1 (Hoarding Karma 1)

The Hoarding Karma

Costco confirms it will not accept returns on items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and many more that people have hoarded and stocked.

If you have hoarded these essential items and filled your coffer already, guess what, you are out of luck and will be forced to use these items as Costco won’t accept them back. There are many Costco customers who have done that and now may be regretting out of self conscious. Many popular items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and paper towels have been bought by people in bulk and now those shoppers are out of luck. Photos posted on social media from Costco fan sites like Costco Insider and Costco Buys showed the items unable to be returned are toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and Lysol. Many people praised the move on Instagram.

I am sure taking cues from Costco’s move, other major retailers such as Amazon too will follow the same path. All those who have purchased items from Amazon, you may end up in regretting too.

# Instant Karma 2 (Hoarding Karma 2)

People have even decided to stock up very essential food items and forced other to return the store empty handed. Hoarding food items is not a joke as there are some families run out of food supplies and forced to starve.

The Hoarding Karma

Check out how the hoarding karma hit this family who resorted to hoarding thousands of eggs. In the end all their precious possession has ended up biting the dust. If you looking to buy eggs, head over to Amazon as they still have eggs in stock. Buy as much you needed, don’t hoard them.

Are you nuts? Good Lord who do you think you are? Many other solutions to avoid hoardingbut to take it away from people as a chance to live? Please report this to your local government. Please. This has got to stop!

# Instant Karma 3 (Hoarding Karma 3)

Some people even thought of hoarding beer. With the outbreak of Corona Virus, people were scared even to try “Corona Beer” due to similarity in the name, hence other brands were preferred.

The Hoarding Karma

This man decided to stock up the entire year long stock of beer in one go. Assuming that he may either consume it or if opportunity exists, can sell the beer crates for higher price. Alas, his plans foiled and the beer crates ended up crashing down emptying these bottles in the ground. ‘Karma is Real’

Stocking up of essential items is not required as many online retailers including Amazon have them in stock.

Bad here also they are having 2 restrict how much people can buy because people are hoarding funny how you’ll see the true personalities of people in times of stress I’m a firm believer of karma there are a lot of people that are going to get it not in a good way.

# Instant Karma 4 (Hoarding Karma 4)

This news is real and would panic all the toilet paper hoarder. If you have already stocked up tons of toilet papers, please be wary of the Corona virus as it may be lurking in your precious possession.

People forget that the toilet papers are manufactured in China, origin of Corona Virus pandemic and it is highly likely that the toilet papers you have bought may already have the virus in it. Buy only as much you need them as Amazon still has these items in stock.

# Instant Karma 5 (Hoarding Karma 5)

The Hoarding Karma

Another bad example showing not to hoard items more than needed. As you hoard toilet papers, paper towels and other sanitary items, these items are bulky in size so where to keep it. Chances are high that just like this family, you ended up keeping the boxes of toilet paper and paper towels in your living room. Your pets in the absence of free area in your home can chew on to these papers making them useless and worthless.

Buy only as much you need them as Amazon still has these items in stock.

Take a look at this family who has hoarded hundreds of items. In current times, this would be your dream home as everything is stocked up and you don’t have to step out for anything for many many months

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