Test Your Knowledge about the General Knowledge & Word History


Test Your Knowledge about the General Knowledge & Word History

Collection of 15 tricky questions. Scratch your brain and see if you know the answers. Try not to google it as you may loose the fun. This quiz will test your general knowledge and awareness of world history. Use this quiz for the development of your kids and we are sure they will love this new found treasure.

Quizzes like this are healthy as they keep your mind and brain fresh and for the young minds they provide a trove of information in one go. Let's go for it!

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Where is the Bering Strait?

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Which artist has invented the art of painting by simply splashing the paint on canvas

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Dwarf stars have colors of their own. But which of the following color of dwarf star doesn't exists in the universe?

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Which single city was the capital of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh under British Ruling

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Which 3 countries together produce more than 50% of World Tobacco Production

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DKNY is acronym of which famous fashion brand

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There are a total fourteen overseas territories still controlled by UK Government. Which of the below is A British Territory

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What part of pig's meat (pork) is deemed unsafe for the human consumption

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These Mars rovers have successfully landed on Mars. But which of them was short lived

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World's tallest tree is located in which country

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Which Greek Philosopher has invented the world famous innovations
Word : "EUREKA"
Math : "π" (pi)
Technology: "Pump"

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Who wrote the famous book "The Martian"

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Out of 50, in how many US states marrying your 'First Cousin' is illegal

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Which of this is the world famous Australian- American Billionaire

15 / 15

Which children's book by UK Author receives perpetual royalties (Royalties will never expire)


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  1. El análisis de búsqueda es MUY importante Jim – puedes pensar que has encontrado una buena palabra clave pero ¿cómo es la competencia en la primera página de Google?

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