Teenage Mental Health Test : A Self Assessment Quiz To Watch For Danger Signs Of Teenage Mental Health And Drug Abuse


Teenage Mental Health Test : Watch For Danger Signs

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Has your teenage son/daughter abandoned his/her regular friend circle lately?

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Have you noticed regular/ frequent purchase of OTC cough and cold medications by your teenage son/daughter?

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Is your teenage son/daughter exhibiting excessive isolation lately?

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Do you suspect your teenage son/daughter is involved in prescription drug misuse?

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Does your teenage child show abrupt changes in behavior?

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Does your teenage boy/girl having sleeping issues (Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping)?

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Do you feel your teenage son/daughter exhibits aggressiveness and excess anger?

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Does your teenage son/daughter starts weeping suddenly?

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Has your teenage son/daughter ever mentioned of hurting himself or herself?

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Have you noticed excessive moodiness in your teenage son/daughter?

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Does your teenage son/daughter exhibit excessive secrecy?(sign of Paranoia)

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As a parent did you find unexpected and dramatic decline in your teenage child's academic performance?

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Do you feel your teenage child has lost interest in favorite pastimes (things they use to love earlier are now no longer interest them) ?

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Is your teenage son/daughter obsessed with body-image?

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Is your teenager sleeping excessively? (sleeping more than 12 hours a day and using sleep as an excuse to shut him/her off)

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Has your teenage daughter ever tried forced vomiting? (Mostly observed in teenage girls obsessed with self body size)

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Have you notice abrupt weight loss in your teenage child?

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Is your teenage boy/girl showing total loss of appetite? (this could indicate an eating disorder)

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Do you suspect your teenage son/daughter may be addicted to drugs?

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Is there sudden change in your teenage son/daughter's eating habits that has resulted in noticeable weight gain?


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Teenage Mental health test. Adolescence is a tough period for both parents and teenagers alike. Your teenager is not only growing but also undergoing significant body changes. With the growing age opens new knowledge horizon where they are getting to know many things, sometimes unwanted though.

The physical, emotional, hormonal, sexual, social, intellectual changes that come with growing age, your teenage son or daughter is also vulnerable to many dangers such as loss of self esteem, addiction, substance abuse. Every careful parents must watch for the early danger signs in their teenage child so as to prevent any tragedy. Signs such as sudden weight gain or loss, dramatic decline in academic performance, aggressiveness and excess anger can lead to serious mental disorder in teenage boys/girls.

Just like an adult, teenage kids too can suffer from depression (both clinical depression or severe mental disorder). As a parent communication is important key. Keep open and constant communication with your teenage son or daughter. Sometimes your child may not be open to talk about certain things but as you open the communication channel, he or she may feel comfortable to open topics that are bothering them. Once you know the underline cause, it’s easy to determine next steps such as consultation with behavioral and mental health experts and know proper treatment for your child. The teenage mental test focus on identifying early warning signs and asses the situation before the matter goes out of control.

Take this quiz style test to assess the mental health of your teenage child. If the results show any signs of danger, immediately consult with your child’s doctor to determine appropriate treatment plans.

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