Teenage Girls Prom Day Fiasco When Her World Turned Pink | When You Dye Your Hair And Wash Them In The Bathroom Naturally Everything Becomes

Teenage Girls Prom Day

Teenage Girls Prom Day Fiasco When Her World Turned Pink. Your world turns pink on the prom day when you dye your hair and wash them in the bathroom. How teenage girls silly mistake has ruined her prom. Prom day is considered one of the most important day in teens life. Your teen plan for the this day for many months in advance and in some cases, the teenage girls dream about their ideal prom day for year and year in advance. But what if this day turns out to be a memorable day in bad way. What if your prom is spoiled because of your own silly mistake.

Main event of the Prom day is ‘After prom’. An event that generally last for 3 hours begins with rituals such as teachers attend and enjoy some time with their students. Then there is the “after-prom”, where no teachers or parents are allowed, during that time, the real party begins with all the students dancing and enjoying their time.

Here is how one silly mistake took away the charm of Prom from this high school girls life. For the prom day, like others, Ava had big plans such as what dress to wear, matching shoes and even color of dye for her hair.

If you don’t use the hair dye regularly, which the young kids don’t do, you tend to forget all important instructions. The hair dye contains strong color pigments and if you forget to follow the instructions, it can ruin other things. Temporary, or semi-permanent, hair colors penetrate your hairs’ outer cuticle to gain access to the hair’s cortex. They last for about six weeks and tend to fade progressively.

Teenage Girls Prom Day

Then when you dye the hair, wait a full 72 hours before shampooing. But what if you forget this very important step and accidentally wash your hair. Moreover, if you wash them in the bathtub. Something similar has happened to Ava which has resulted her prom.

Ava dye her hair purple and when she washed the dye out, she didn’t realize that you’re not meant to do it in the shower and she ended up dying herself and the bathroom pink

Teenage Girls Prom Day

After seeing how her mistake has affected her looks and Prom planning, Ava felt sad and depressed. The dye has done its work, leaving a strong color behind which is what the hair dye are suppose to do.

Teenage Girls Prom Day

Then came the sadness and depression. The dye stayed for three full days before completely faded away. The prom fiasco tweet has taken internet by storm. This tweet has generated 220K likes and 20K retweets.

Teenage Girls Prom Day

Looking at the pinky pink color, one user has replied, ‘What did she use?!? House paint?’.

Another user was surprised that the dye can turn out to be so bad, I do it on the shower everytime and this has never happened to me. Another user immediately replied with her own similar story. Looks like the temporary dye sold in prom shop may be the issue.


This is the type of story that people would swear is fake and would mock like hell if you didn’t have those photos proving it


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