Teenage Depression Quiz To See If Your Teen is suffering from depression

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Teenage Depression Quiz To See If Your Teen is suffering from depression. Teenage depression is not common and if not treated on time, it can impact the life of teens. The age being very sensitive, little mood swing can be detrimental. It is important for you as a parent to understand if your kid is suffering from depression, anxiety or even mood swing. Likewise, if you are a teenage boy or girl, take this quiz to know your mental condition, understand your overall health and most importantly if you are experiencing depression of any kind.

Collage going girls can experience mood swings or gloomy feelings partly due to the health changes or during tricky days of the month. Depression from heartbreak, broken relationship or constant fear of society can grapple your sensitive mind and without knowing you may quickly end up in experiencing severe depression.

Teens suffering from anxiety and depression can harm themselves. If do not find help or much needed support, may feel helpless and hopeless. This big volume in the life is common problem found amongst depressed teenager.

The first step to fight your depression is to know if you are already experiencing one. If yes, what is the level such as mild, moderate or severe. Once you know the severity of depression, you can proceed to next important step of finding help. Many psychologist are trained with treating your depression and you will receive guidance and much needed help as needed. Don’t be shy to keep the problems to yourself as sometimes the depression can lead to unrepairable damages and life long impact.

The teenage age is to enjoy the life, experiment new things, try new relationships and most importantly enjoy the life.

She’s tired of being broken.

She’s tired of being misunderstood.

She’s tired of being bullied.

But one thing she isn’t tired of is being herself.

To all depressed girls, we suggest reading I Find You in the Darkness: Poems” by Alfa.

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