Taxi Driver’s Heroic Act Shows Not All Hero Wear A Cape

Taxi driver's heroic act

Littering on the street is an offense but many a time you still see people littering on freeways. This uncivilized behaviour must be stopped and every good act starts from you. As a global citizen you must prevent people from trashing the parks and freeways. Here is an example set by Uber driver and Taxi driver’s heroic act shows not all hero wear a cape.

Traffic on the freeway was moving slowly. Like other cars, the Uber driver too moving slowly due to traffic. Suddenly the passenger sitting in his car threw empty soda bottle out on the street. Luckily this act was caught on the dash cam of the car following the Uber car.

Though nobody approves such behaviour, in general, we often tend to ignore it. Given the traffic on the street and often rush to reach workplace or home, we don’t even bother to accost person engaged in this act and discourage it. This time it was different.

The taxi driver immediately noticed this act and decided to stand against it. He quickly put on the emergency lights, got down and went to the passenger side. Opened the door and pulled the passenger out and left this uncivilized person in the middle of the street and left immediately.

I am sure the unruly passenger has learnt his lesson. Stand for your principals and if we all do our part, I am sure the world can be a better place as we like it to be.

Watch Taxi Driver’s Heroic Act

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