Tall Girl Is Winning All Volleyball Games Using Her Unusual Height

Height does matter and if it’s a game you can totally shadow your opponent.

In the video published on short video platform, a Tall girl is winning the games single handedly using her height.

Tall girl is winning

Tall girl is winning all volleyball games using her unusual height. Girls vollyboall was game of strength and stamina and until now no one believed that height can play a significant role too. Unlike men’s basketball game or NBA where tall players such as LeBron James or Shaq O’neal with their 6 ft plus height have ruled the game.

On the contrary women’s only or girls only games were played purely on stamina.

One Player Is Making Girls Vollyball Game One Sided

This time it’s different.

One player is proving the turning point of the game. Highlight and important attraction of any game her team is playing. Reason, her unusually tall height as compared to other players.


She is tall but if she threw a jump in there before spiking it would be a lot harder for the other team other than that. When the opposite team is serving, she has to put no effort into blocking it.

She is easily able to get over the net where most people have to jump to reach that point. I play volleyball and I swear most tall girls waste their height in the sport. She’s still a lot better then most of the tall girls I’ve seen. She has received a gift and she is fully using it.

Watch how this tall girl is winning all volleyball games


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