Taking cue from Used Car Ads This Man Is Selling his plane on Craigslist

Taking cue from Used Car Ads This Man Is Selling his plane on Craigslist

Craigslist is loosing its luster given the recent tightening of rules imposed. What use to be a free market place to buy and sell everything from gears, tools, cars, gift cards, cellphone all the way to dating, gone are those glorious days when surfing on Craigslist was fun. I use to get amazed looking at the stuff people offer to buy or willing to buy on Craigslist.

Today’s Tinder or Match.com won’t have been so popular had Criagslist continued with its relaxed trends. Nevertheless, Craigslist is still go-to place for buying used cars or labor gigs.

Well, for some Craigslist is still working like a charm. For example see this guy who has listed a Rolls Royce Private Jet on Craigslist. If you are looking to buy used place, check out this ad.

🍀 PJ Rolls-Royce
🍀 9.570000€ Last Price
🍀Foreign Use
🍀Location: COTONOU

If you bring customer and buy this jet, you will get commission

Front view

The last line is really catchy. If you don’t need a plane but know who would, be a mediator as you can earn hefty commission on this sale.
Don’t know where COTONOU is located, so not sure if you will have to pay any custom duty or obtain clearance. But for rest of us, this is so funny to see someone listing a Private Jet on Craigslist

The whole idea is so amazing, it’s making me laugh. LOL

Here is another Craigslist ad for Free coffee table. Poor guy has put “Expensive don’t steal’ label so only the needy ones can take it.

In another case, here is the funny exchange between a buyer who listed some stuff on Craigslist and his potential customer.

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