Super Color Vision Test Are You Gifted With The Very Rare Tetrachromacy Eye Condition

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Super Color Vision Test Are You Gifted With The Very Rare Tetrachromacy Eye Condition. Technology limitations doesn’t provide tools to check Tetrachromacy eye condition. Our computer, tablets and smartphones emits only THREE colors of light: Red Blue and Yellow and as a result there’s no way a standard computer screen can help you determine if you’re a Tetrachromat. Computer screens are designed to show colors using combination of red, green and blue lights. Unfortunately, the fourth color that tetrachromats can see is not produced by standard computer monitors. Distinguishing between slightly different shades produced by the three trichromat primaries might be useful in determining the sensitivity of a normal trichromat eye’s sensitivity.

For any reason if you answers don’t match, don’t be disheartened, there are several limiting factors involved such as

  • Resolution of your screen
  • Image quality
  • Internet speed to load the image
  • poor light conditions in your room

We suggest that you consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist so that he assesses and confirms the results of the questionnaire, examines your medical history and the gravity of your symptoms, and decides if you need treatment. This way, he may give you tools that will help you solve your problem.

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