Suicidal Thoughts Disorder Test Is Best Way To Assess If You Or Someone In Your Family Is Showing Suicidal Behaviour


Suicidal Thoughts Disorder Test

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Are there days when you are sleeping much more or much less than usual?

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How often you find yourself pulling your hair or sometimes even own clothes?

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Are you finding difficulty in handling conflicts. Also were there multiple occasions where you felt lacking problem-solving skills?

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Do you feel worthless and guilty for no apparent reason?

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What is shape of your nails?

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Are you lately feeling extreme irritated, like snapping at friends and family, or being annoyed at small things?

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Do you often finds yourself racing thoughts or talking incessant?

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Is your impaired judgment affecting your family by leaving long lasting effects?

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Are you finding yourself hand-wringing ( twist and rub one's hands together) often than usual?

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In the past two years, did you feel depressed for at least half the time?

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Have you recently gained or lost too much weight?

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Do you feel you are overreacting to events and the pattern is repeating?

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Do you feel lonely and worthless (feeling low self-esteem)?

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Are you finding yourself bursting into anger that results into long periods of shouting or complaining?

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Do you feel to be pessimistic or suffering from pessimistic thoughts?

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How often you pick your own skin?

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Do you often bite your nails?

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Is constantly pacing becoming a new found habit in your life?

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Is there repetitive pattern of fatigue and that your fatigue relapse frequently than other family members?

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Are the pessimistic thoughts leading to lacking any meaning or purpose in life?

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Suicidal thoughts disorder test is best way to assess if you or someone in your family is showing suicidal behaviour. Depression, Anxiety & Suicidal thoughts are real. As real as they are, the person suffering hides it so well because people just don’t believe you. Depression isn’t just sadness and anxiety isn’t just shyness. OCD isn’t just cute perfectionism and bipolar disorder isn’t just mood swings.

These are real illnesses that people struggle with and sometimes, they get so bad that suicidal thoughts and even suicide happen. Depression isn’t always having suicidal thoughts and crying endlessly. Sometimes it’s getting up smiling and laughing throughout the day and then come home to sit quietly feeling hopeless and empty until you eventually fall asleep.


I don’t suffer from suicidal thoughts they actually come very easy to me.

Once the suicidal thoughts are there, it’s really hard to get rid of it off your head. To those who have suicidal thoughts, find a good listener as many a times sharing your feeling offer great relief. When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting and less scary.

Important Source And Contact Numbers

Suicidal Thoughts Disorder Test

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 X 7 and support in both English and Spanish language is available.

Valuable source on suicidal thoughts – 11 Signs of a Suicidal Attitude And How To Overcome It

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