Suffering from Cyclothymia Take The Cyclothymic Disorder Test To Diagnose Your Symptoms | 20 Cyclothymia Signs And Symptom To Determine If You Are Suffering From Mood Disorder


Cyclothymia And Cyclothymic Disorder Test

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Do you get exaggerated feeling of happiness or well-being (euphoria)?

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Are you finding difficulty in handling conflicts. Also were there multiple occasions where you felt lacking problem-solving skills?

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Are there days when you are sleeping much more or much less than usual?

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Do you feel you are overreacting to events and the pattern is repeating?

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Do you frequently feel irritated and that this phase of irritation repeats after few months?

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Have you recently gained or lost too much weight?

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Do you feel to be pessimistic or suffering from pessimistic thoughts?

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Are there multiple periods of hypomanic symptoms where you feel excessive self esteem?

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Do you feel worthless and guilty for no apparent reason?

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Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on study or work?

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Do you feel lonely and worthless (feeling low self-esteem)?

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Did you frequently experience making poor judgments that can result in risky behavior?

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Do you feel suddenly too much happy and excited?

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In the past two years, did you feel depressed for at least half the time?

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Do you experience repetitive pattern of mood swings?

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Do you constantly feel restlessness and agitation?

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Is your impaired judgment affecting your family by leaving long lasting effects?

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Are there any phases where you talk more than usual?

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Is there repetitive pattern of fatigue and that your fatigue relapse frequently than other family members?

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Are the pessimistic thoughts leading to lacking any meaning or purpose in life?

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Mood swing is not just a temporary phase but sometimes can lead to the diagnosis of Cyclothymia, a mental disorder.

If you too are suffering from Cyclothymia, take this quiz to analyze your symptoms so that a treatment plan can be suggested.


Mood swing or mood disorder has been diagnosed as mental illness. Doctors now recognize that the mood swing is not random but in some patients periodic and repetitive. Mood swings are classified as high or low mood shifts. Although the mood shift doesn’t necessarily leads to manic behaviour, this short period of depression and hypomania often takes toll on the patients. If you too are suffering from Cyclothymia, take this test to see if you are sufferings from the mood disorder.

This test doesn’t substitute for a medical advice from your doctor but a precursor to deep dive into your mood swing pattern to know more about it. Once you know whether your behaviour falls into clinical signs of Cyclothymia and if the results show that you are suffering from mood disorder, we recommend to consult with your doctor or mental health professional for treatment options. Based on your medical history and results of this test, your doctor can suggest suitable treatment options.


Suffering from Cyclothymia

Suffering from Cyclothymia

Mood swings are common until they develop repetitive pattern, often lasting for short duration. Mood shift due to change in surrounding doesn’t necessarily lead to the diagnosis of mental illness. However, when the mood swifts relapse often and forms a pattern, you need to be alarmed. For those situations the Cyclothymic Disorder Test comes handy.

While the exact reason that can cause Cyclothymia in patients is unknown, often Cyclothymia is result of genetic disorder. Past trauma or bad experience can act as a trigger leading to acute mood shifts.

As mentioned earlier, mood swings are common and the mild symptoms of mood swings are often ignored by the patients. Many a times you won’t even realize that there is something wrong in your mental condition for which a treatment is necessary. As a result, Cyclothymia goes untreated in many cases. Do not ignore your mood shifts, especially if they relapse after certain period of time as these signs can lead to bipolar depression. Patients suffering from Cyclothymia or Cyclothymic disorder are at risk of developing bipolar disorder.

Cyclothymic Disorder Test

Suffering from Cyclothymia

Based on the clinical signs observed in patients suffering from Cyclothymia, we have collected top 20 most common symptoms. Review these symptoms and report your response. Based on your inputs, we will calculate applicable score. The results will tell you whether your mood swings are natural or something serious as Cyclothymia.

This is your first step to self assess Cyclothymic Disorder. Based on the results, we strongly suggest to consult with your mental health professional for a possible treatment plan. Your past medical records are crucial in diagnosing your mental condition and determine if a treatment is required. Only qualified doctor or medical professional such as Psychiatrist can suggest possible treatment options.

Help Is Available

Take the Cyclothymic Disorder Test to know if you too are suffering from Cyclothymia. If you have any doubts or questions about the result of this test, immediately consult with your doctor.

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Suffering from Cyclothymia

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