Stubborn Owner Learns Permanent Lesson For Parking His Car In Wrong spot On A Wrong Day

Parking is always a hassle in downtown area. Mired with very limited parking spaces, there is a tough competition to secure a parking spot. The issue is more dire for the people living in downtown apartments. Just like others, they too undergo lot of struggle to find an empty parking spot. And finally when you secure one, no one wants to give-up their place easily. Result, many cars stay parked in the same spot for several days. But there is also downside to this strategy and one of the stubborn owner learns permonent lesson for parking his car in parking sport but on a wrong day.


Downtown Parking issues

Once you secure empty parking spot doesn’t necessarily end all your parking issues. Congested neighborhoods such as downtown are notorious for frequent car break-ins, scratches caused by pedestrians and even fender benders by other car drivers while you leave your car parked on a busy way.

Then there are street sweeping trucks operated by local city. Road works either due to flooding caused by broken drain lines or scheduled maintenance. Considering all these factors, it isn’t easy to just park your car and leave there unattended for several days.

Stubborn Owner Learns Permanent Lesson For Parking His Car

Stubborn Owner Learnt Permanent

This is the story of a downtown resident who has parked his car on a busy street for several days. Due to COVID19 situation, everyone was working from home and he seldom needed to use his car.

For many days his car stayed parked in the same spot without much issues. But one day he saw a notice pasted to his windshield. Reason, his street was undergoing a major renovation. In normal circumstances, you would move your car to another location. But this wasn’t the case with our guy. After securing hard fraught spot, he wasn’t ready to let go of it.

Downtown residents need to be awry of frequent car breaking.

Then there are many others who will do anything to reserve their parking spot just like this guy.

Stubborn Owner Learnt Permanent

He simply ignored the notice and continued with his regular schedule. But he didn’t know his stubborn behaviour is about to teach him a life long lesson, a lesson he would never forget and regret his ill-sighted decisions.


Next day what happened it’s interesting to watch

Stubborn Owner Learnt Permanent

On the scheduled repair day, the city crew started the renovation. With his car still not been moved, the maintenance crew had no choice but to continue with their job.

After the street renovation is complete, this car has found a permonent spot. A spot that no one can take away from him. Even he himself won’t be able to move his car after the concrete is settled.

Stubborn Owner Learnt Permanent

If you too are living in downtown area, pay attention to city notices. Even your society may have rules not to park the car for more than 2 -3 days in row. Pay extra attention to these rules as the consequences can be severe.

It’s interesting to see whether this stubborn owner finally managed to free his car from the concrete or permanently lost his expensive vehicle.

Watch how Stubborn Owner Learns Permanent lesson.

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