Stormtroopers Cosplay Is Girls Only Force Awaken | Cos Play Shows Girls Are Not Behind In Showing Their Love For Star Wars

Cosplay is not only limited to Halloween but due to the raise of superheros, it’s becoming everyday phenomenon.

Everyone once in a while like to be that superhero or supergirl in the capes. Today’s cosplay is Stromtrooper from Star Wars Force Awaken.

Stormtroopers Cosplay

Stormtroopers cosplay is girls only Force Awaken. Cos play shows girls are not behind in showing their love for Star Wars. Gone are the days when you will be putting your favorite character costume on only for Halloween. Now is the new era of DC and Marvel sueprheros and with each the release of new superhero movie comes new opportunity to all of its fans to be the hero in capes.

Despite DC comics and Marvel’s dominance in superheros, there is also a huge fan base for other franchise such as Star Wars & Harry Potter. The super popular video games such as Call Of Duty or Fortnite have also developed its fan base over the period of time. Now you can be whatever you like or play any character from movies all the way to popular video games.

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Stormtroopers cosplay in action

What use to be boys only movie franchise, Star Wars has now changed to show women dominance too. With the introduction of Ray as most powerful Jedi, Disney has managed to develop interest in Star Wars for both men and women.

Here comes the stormtrooper on BWM.

Stormtroopers Cosplay

Expecting it to be a man. Now you know the girl power and girls always rock. Supergirl cosplay perfectly presented.

Stormtroopers Cosplay

Very neatly planned cosplay. The stormtrooper helmet is the gem but without accessories such as matching bike wear and fully white BMW wouldn’t have made this cosplay so perfect. Isn’t this an eye candy for Star Wars lovers.


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