Step By Step How To Open Tesla’s Secret Towing Compartment To Install Tow Eye For Pulling Onto Flatbed Truck

Tesla’s Hi-tech design comes with very useful yet secret features.

In this tutorial we will show you how to open Tesla’s secret towing hole and install tow eye step by step.


How To Open Tesla's

No doubt Tesla cars are pinnacle of automotive modernization. The battery operated Tesla cars offer so many hidden features that even a smart driver can’t cope up with all features and functionalities hidden under the hood. One of which is hidden secret towing compartment. We will show you how to open Tesla’s towing hole to install the tow eye that too easy to follow step-by-step tutorial with images.

As a Tesla car owner, it is important that you know some of it’s prime features, features that are essential incase the car breaks down or runs out of battery juice. Agree that Tesla cars are built to last longer and hence chances are rare that you may have to tow the car. However, all days are not sunny. What if the car battery dies or the ignition won’t start due to inclement weather. For those situations, Tesla offers built in although somewhat hidden feature, “Tow Eye”.


What Is Tow Eye And When To Use It

Most of cars available in the market comes with a towing hook, located either at the front or rear end of car body. If you look under the car, you may spot the U-shaped tow hook. It is important to know the location of tow hook incase you need to pull the car onto flatbed truck.

The tow hook offers mechanism to safely tow the car to nearest automobile repair or collision center when needed without damaging the car.

When it comes to Tesla, Tesla like to do the things differently. When you look under your Tesla car, you will notice that the tow hook is absent. Does that mean Tesla didn’t think of this very basic, yet very useful feature. Or what if you need to tow your car to a nearest charging station.

Don’t worry, Tesla knows that no car is immune to the breakdowns and hence didn’t ignore the tow hook.


Step By Step How To Open Tesla’s Secret Towing Compartment

Tesla car comes with many hidden features and compartments, one of which is secret threaded port to install the tow hook (in Tesla’s language Tow eye). Walk around your Tesla car. Notice a small cover located on the fender on the front side of the car. That’s where tow hook is located. But wait, it’s not only hidden, you actually need to install it when needed.

Step 1 – Locate this 2 inch round plastic cap on the front of your car’s fender.

Step 2 is to open this cover without damaging the paint. This step is important as this can leave scratches or worst case even damage your car.

Before you try to remove this plastic cap and expose the secret towing compartment, there are few things you must do.


Tesla Car Computer Settings Before Towing The Car


On the dashboard, click on car settings. On the settings menu, click service. Under service, “TOWING” option is displayed. Tesla recommends to enable transport mode to facilitate winching. So next time when your Tesla car breaks down or need to be towed, make sure to activate the “Transport Mode”

How To Open Tesla's

Now that you have told the car’s computer and set it on towing mode, let’s move to installing the Tow eye.

All you need is a flat head screwdriver. Cover the flat head with cloth or soft material to avoid damages to your car.

How To Open Tesla's

With one hand, press the plastic cover to create opening to insert the screw driver. Once the screw driver head goes inside the plastic cover, it will pop open thus uncovering the hidden threaded port. This is where the tow eye goes. With one or two attempts you will earn the skills needed to open Tesla’s secret compartments and cover plates.

How To Open Tesla's

But wait, where is the hook. This hook is called as “Tow Eye” and it is located under the front bumper. Open the front bumper to find the tow eye.

Our video will show you step by step process of where to locate the tow eye and how to install it.

Most important, never pull the vehicle from anything other than the tow eye. Just like non Tesla cars, tow hook is the safest way to tow your vehicle. Anything else can seriously damage your expensive car.

Screw the tow eye into threaded port and that’s pretty much it. Let the actual towing job be handled by AAA or your car insurance’s road side coverage.

Hope this tutorial helped you find one of the most important, yet hidden feature of your Tesla car. The tow eye cover and process remains the same for all Tesla models. A very useful maintenance guide for Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 or Model Y.


Lost The Tow Eye Where To Buy Tesla Replacement Parts


If you accidentally misplace or lost the tow eye, best way to purchase a replacement part is from Tesla store. But as we know, anything at Tesla store are super expensive. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on buying replacement tow eye from Tesla, consider Amazon. Amazon sells Tesla replacement tow eye for under $10. You can even buy tow cover plate for cheap at Amazon.

Most importantly, you can even get one matching the color of your Tesla car.

  • High quality aluminum Tow hook
  • Direct screw on application, No modification required
  • High Performance Tesla Race Car Exterior Accessories Tow Hook
  • Tow ring can be folded 90Ā° down so it won’t catch onto people walking/working around your car




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