Step By Step Art Of Making A Giant Strawberry Cake You Won’t Believe How This Giant Strawberry Is Made

We will be showing you how to make your upcoming kids birthday special, that too step by step.

If you can’t try it on your own, give this idea to your cake baking person so he can take your ideas and bring into reality. Idea of baking giant strawberry cake is a family fun exercise too.

giant strawberry cake

Step by step art of making a giant strawberry cake you won’t believe how this giant strawberry is made. Want to try something unique and amazingly beautiful this birthday. Let’s think out of box. Instead of the regular layered velvet cake, how about making a real life strawberry in a giant size. Sounds fun, we are going to show you how you can master making your own giant Strawberry cake.

Once you master carving various shapes from the cake sheet, take your skills to next level. Now try making any shapes such as birds or ship or even baseball bat to surprise your kids on their birthday. Looking at the real life cakes baked by you, I am sure your party guests will want you to bake something amazing for them too. Isn’t that a hint to start your small home based business. A business that can give you happiness and fun of bringing your imagination to the kitchen table.

Step 1 : Gate your cake sheets ready

Its time to make your hands dirty. Get Pillsbury Traditional Yellow Cake Mix. The cake box comes with easy to follow baking instructions. Using oil,eggs and water, you can instantly prepare your cake dough in few minutes. Next is the placing the cake mix in oven so your cake sheets can be cooked. Follow the instructions carefully as we will need atleast 5 cake sheets.

You can choose the cake mix of your choice. Just make sure the cake mix you use has ‘Traditional Yellow‘ flavor in it. But if you are a chocolate lover, go for it too as it won’t impact the appearance of the cake. Confetti is a new style of cake mix that can be used to make the inside of your cake colorful.

Stack the cake sheet

Art of making giant strawberry cake

Now is the time to stake your fully baked cake sheets together. More cake sheets you ave, bigger your cake will be. So if your kids is fan of giant things, add few more layers of cake sheet.


Carving shape neat and clean

giant strawberry cake

Once you stake the cake sheets together, no need to add filling cream or icing as of yet. For now just cake sheets are okay as in the next steps you will have opportunity to fill your cake with icing of your choice.

Using a sharp knife, now is the time of shape strawberry like oval shape from the cake sheet. Cake sheets are easy to shape and cut. Just keep your hands firm to achieve optimum smoothness. In could of attempts, you will learn to smoothly carve design and shapes from the cake sheets.

Icing time

Once you are satisfied with your shape of the cake, next step is to work on the stuffing. You can use candies or icing or even gummy bears to stuff the inside of your cake.

Use some healthy and organic cake stuffing if you want your kids to eat something healthy and nutritious.

Working on outer side – crumb coat

Once you are satisfied with the stuffing and inner portion, its time to work on the skin of the cake and make it look attractive. So far moderate skills were desired. But for outer side of the cake, you need to have skills and lot of it. Fortunately, there are crumb coats available in the market saving you from lots of hassles. The crumb coat is a thin layer of icing that traps in crumbs before adding fondant or a final icing layer.

For the icing layer, you are put a thin layer of icing on the cake and scrape it using edge smoother.

Or spread the red icing on the kitchen countertop, use Smoother Edge Cake Scraper to make uniform thin layer. Let it settle and dry for few minutes to hour. Once it firms up, you can put the icing layer on top of your cake. Art of making giant strawberry cake

Final decoration touches

giant strawberry cake

Now is the time to apply the edible strawberry color. To give the shinny and glossy strawberry like appearance, spray coat the outer layer with edible colors.

Final finish

giant strawberry cake

To add seed like appearance and the end stem, you will need to repeat previous techniques of making icing layer. Only difference is this time you will use yellow and green icing. Yellow icing when cut into seed like tiny shapes will give the strawberry cake real life appearance. The end green stem will bring your strawberry cake into life. Art of making giant strawberry cake.

Seeds” you see on the outside of a strawberry are actually the plant’s ovaries and are called “achenes.”


Voila, your GIANT STRAWBERRY CAKE is ready.

When you are engaged in making as amazing as this strawberry cake is, don’t expect your family members just to watch you from a distance as I am sure they too would like to be part of the amazing journey of creating as unique as this strawberry cake. Isn’t that a good exercise of family bonding and family fun.

Watch the step by step art of making a giant strawberry cake



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