Star Wars Staged Prank Is Driving Every Restroom visitor Nuts

Star Wars staged prank

A production crew has decided to prank public restroom visitor using very unique and well planned Star Wars staged prank. Objective was simple, change the world significantly for every restroom visitor.

Very well thought, planned and meticulously executed concept has left many folks totally perplexed. Some even couldn’t believe what has just happened to them. The shock therapy was based on principals of gas lighting.

If you are familiar with gas lighting theory, the person’s psychological status is manipulated so that he or she will be forced to question their own sanity. A perfect gas-lighting moment was achieved through this prank. The reactions were priceless and the feeling of disbelief was captured on the camera with every minuscule expressions on person’s face.

Star Wars Staged Prank Plot Thickened

The production house identified a public restroom as their target. The crew gathered mobile equipment and carefully mounted on them on wheels. The window to zap someone was very short and limited only to few minutes.

Star Wars staged prank

As soon someone entered the restroom, the crew came in with alacrity bringing panels and floor to create star wars galaxy outside the restroom. The elite shock troops of the Galactic Empire a.k.a. Darth Vader’s Army took their position.

The Darth Vader himself stationed in the center of the crew, all waiting for their restroom visitor.

Star Wars staged prank

As soon the person exited from the restroom, the feeling of disbelief immediately covered their whole face. Before one can gather the thoughts and make sense of the situation, the troops marched on them. Being already confused, the totally scared person finds the restroom as the only option to escape from the situation.



Star Wars staged prank

Many people were seen rushing back to the restroom and locking themselves in to save from Darth vendor and his fierce army.

The star wars staged prank is really fun to watch. I have watched it multiple times and could resist but laugh seeing expression on people’s face.

This is your today’s laughter medicine. Laugh and stay healthy.


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