Stages Of Grieving A Breakup Assessment Test: Love And Couple Relationship Complications

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Stages Of Grieving A Breakup Assessment Test. During life, the human being experiences different types of losses that are not limited only to the death of a loved one, but they also include loss of health, romantic breakup, immigration, loss of a job, etc.

Each of these losses imply a grieving process in which the affected person will have not only to accept this new reality, but also to readapt to it in a healthy manner.

Normal grieving may last from six months to two years, depending on the characteristics of the personality, the family or social support, and the orientation of a professional, if necessary.

The Swiss-American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed a theory on grieving, in which she describes five stages of this process and which can be applied to any situation that supposes a painful loss. These stages are as follows:

1) Denial

2) Anger

3) Negotiation

4) Depression

5) Acceptance

Do the test and check at which stage of grieving you may be right now, and find out what it is about.

Please, answer the questions taking into account how you feel now or in the last days.

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