Sports Gives You Trill Of Trampoline And Bungee Jumping Is Meant Only For The Daredevils

Sports gives you trill

Sports gives you trill of trampoline and bungee jumping is meant only for the daredevils. Fusion sports where you combine multiple activities into one are becoming popular and trendy. With the phenomenal rise of social media, these daredevils are coming up with never seen or never imagined type of out door activities.

One of which is the combination of trampoline and bungee jumping. The only difference this time is that there are no ropes tied to your legs as is the case with the actual bungee jumping. Take a bounce off of trampoline and head straight into the river underneath.

Again, this game is not for normal person like you and me but for those who dares to go up and beyond, a true daredevil who doesn’t fear of height or diving into water from height.

I am surprised that action and trill seeking games like this are not part of Olympic. The moment you add this or similar thrill seeking games, our Olympic Gold Medal tally will balloon significantly.


How Social Media Is Fueling Adventures Sports

The rise of this game and adventures is partly fueled by social media frenzy. To produce something WOW! and amazing, many your kids and athletes are producing short clips of their adventures. Once posted on YouTube or TikTok or other famous social media platforms, your adventure sports clip is open to the billions of social media users. If the video produced by you amazes the viewers, it becomes a sensation, trending and viral topic.

Plus the candid views posted on social media can help you understand what can be made better next time.

The video begins when this daredevil young man comes running towards a trampoline. The trampoline is placed on the bridge atop river water.

Sports gives you trill

The adventures part is to take a high jump on trampoline. Let trampoline shoot you up in the air and using that force nosedive into the river water.

To add more spices to your adventure, take a twist or flip while in the air. I am sure this Daredevil sports clip will amaze you.

Watch the slow-mo video of Sports gives you trill of trampoline and bungee jumping.

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