Special Kid Suffering From ADHD Prodded NBA Player Uncontrollably | Typical ADHD Sign Shows Excited Reaction By Kid Suffering From ADHD

Prominent and typical symptoms associated with person suffering from ADHD are feeling restless and agitated.

In the video Kid suffering from ADHD can be seen showing typical ADHD symptoms. Fortunately the reaction by NBA player was controlled and admirable.


Special kid suffering from ADHD prodded NBA player uncontrollably. This is a typical ADHD sign shows excited reaction by kid suffering from ADHD. Getting excited by seeing by seeing our favorite player is common and there are incidents where people sometimes go overboard to break barriers just to touch their favorite player.

When such behaviour is exhibited by any normal person, it is understood that he knew what he was doing and hence should face consequences of his action. However when it comes to special kids suffering from ADHD, the scenario is different. The symptoms, the neurons providing stimuli in person suffering from ADHD shows uncontrollable behaviour.

You may have seen some kids fidgeting with their hands and feet, or acting restless. These kids may be suffering from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and such reaction is typical with this mental illness.

Memphis Grizzlies was playing the game as per NBA pro roster. Probably the last career game of Zach Randolph. If you don’t know who  Zach is, you may probably know him as “Z-Bo”.

As Z-Bo was walking, the cameras were following him. The kid suffering from ADHD was also present to watch his favorite team’s game and give farewell to his favorite player Zach. The dad held his son on the shoulder so he can get close glimpse of the legendary Zach Randolph. Seeing Zach so close by has made the kid super excited. But his ADHD illness made his actions uncontrollable.

Special Kid Suffering From ADHD

He started prodding and poking Zach while he was leaving the arena. The constant poking has irate Zach and he wanted to ward off the hands constantly bothering him. As you can see, without seeing who is at the other end,  Zach tried to push off this kids hands. However, fortunately, at the very next moment, Zach turned around to see who this fan is.

Special Kid Suffering From ADHD

After realizing that this fan is someone special, Zach held the kids hands gently and showed admiration. The encounter may have lasted only for few seconds, however, those precious moments will forever be remembered by this kid. The dad must have felt proud by seeing that the legendary Z-Bo paused for a moment to greet his fan.

The video shows how ADHD can sometimes make the person respond in unusual way. Not always person suffering from ADHD can expected to be lucky and many a times face bullying or scoffing by others.

I called this kid lucky because, it’s not easy to receive similar reactions from celebrity sports icon. These famous personalities are constantly harassed by their overzealous fans and as a result are forced to keep safe distance from their fans, sometimes even surround themselves with bodyguards. Fortunately, Zach showed presence of mind and paused to greet the kid, thus making this moment precious for him.

Watch the moments of Zach’s interaction with child suffering from ADHD below


Interesting facts :

After Zach’s retirement, Memphis Grizzlies have announced that No 50 jersey (#50) will never be given to any other player in future. Shows his unforgettable contribution to Grizzlies. What else can be better to recognize it by the team he played for.


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