Soothing And Satisfying Video Of Coke Bottle Filled With Burning Matchsticks Will Help Your Mind Relax | Watch This Video To End Your Day To Free Up Mind With Stressful Thoughts And A Quiet Sleep

Soothing and satisfying video

Sometimes redirecting your attention to completely different topic can help relax your mind.

Amazingly soothing and satisfying video of burning matches placed in coke bottle helps to empty your mind before sleep


Soothing and satisfying video of coke bottle filled with burning matchsticks will help your mind relax. Watch this video to end your day to free up mind with stressful thoughts and a quiet sleep.

Many sleep therapy and mind calming videos have one thing in common, distract and divert your attention from routine work to something totally different. This helps the otherwise preoccupied mind to relax and concentrated on completely unrelated thing. Since this new unrelated thing doesn’t belong to your life events, the residual thoughts after watching such videos are minimal.

Result, almost empty and relaxed mind. same goes true with the burning matchstick in coke bottle video. The effects will keep your glued till the end and more your focus on it, the more relaxed your mind be. A relaxed mind before sleep automatically guarantee quite and stress less sleep.


Soothing And Satisfying Video

Soothing and satisfying video

In this mind relaxing experiment we decided to try something different, something totally unrelated to person’s daily life routine. A coke bottle was filled with matchsticks.

For those who don’t know much about matches or matchsticks, as per wikipedia

A match is a tool for starting a fire. Typically, matches are made of small wooden sticks or stiff paper. One end is coated with a material that can be ignited by frictional heat generated by striking the match against a suitable surface

When you are camping outside, a lighter or matchbox is what you need to ignite the campfire. This is a very useful commodity for people living in remote isolated area where electricity or gas connections are not available. A remote and secluded vacation cabin or cabin on remote island will have matchboxes for day to day use. The matchsticks usually burns clean with minimal smoke and are ideal for lighting candles, stoves, grills, fireplaces, campfires and more.

As you can see the bottle is filled with matchsticks to the top. We set the top matches on fire using lighter. Due to highly combustible nature of material coated on the tip of matchsticks, in split of seconds the fire spread throughout the bottle. Within few seconds the fire reaches from the top to the bottom of the bottle. As you know the fire is exothermic reaction, the burning effects results in expansion of mass (here matchsticks). The combination of smoke and burned matches try to erupt out of coke bottle to make room for the expanding wooden sticks.

This creates effects that will surely get your attention and force you to watch this video again and again.

Soothing Video For Quite Peaceful Sleep

At first, your curious mind would demand to know what happens next and till the end. This curiosity will help you to watch this video till end. The minute long video is sufficient to distract your mind from thoughts, stress or any preoccupied events you were thinking about just before watching this video.

After watching this video, previously occupied thoughts will become less acute and a snapshot of totally unrelated topic will be created in your brain. Since this video doesn’t leave any open question or lingering thoughts, as you soon you end the video, one can experience a completely empty mind. A very good stage before ending the day. This is the reason why we suggest watching this video just before going to bed.

You can watch this video multiple times without feeling bored. Practice is for few nights and see if this helps in your sleeping habits or can assure a good peaceful sleep at night. This is reason we categorized the burning matchsticks video as soothing and satisfying one.

Think of exploring similar videos on the social media as these videos will help your mind to clam and relax as it has helped many others.

Watch the soothing and satisfying video of coke bottle experiment


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