Social Distancing Themed Halloween Costume Has Received Praises For Its Novel Conceptual Design

The virus threat is real and only social distancing is our protection these days.

Celebrate Trick or Treat this year wearing social distancing themed Halloween costume.


social distancing themed Halloween

This years trick or treat will be entirely different. Whether we agree or not, we all know in our mind that this season their won’t be large gathering or indoor Halloween parties permitted. It’s not safe for both adults and kids. To remind ourselves how important it is to carry protections from Coronavirus, the social distancing themed Halloween costume is this year’s must have item. And we will show you how you can make one at home perfectly DIY (do it yourself)

No more shopping or checking Halloween costumes deals. The DIY Halloween costume is not only a money saver but designed in social awareness to remind everyone that the virus threat is real.

How To Make Social Distancing Themed Halloween Costume At Home

Welcome to another grand chapter of do it yourself (DIY) tutorial. This step by step process is designed to build very unique and novel Halloween costume this season. As unique and brilliant this costume is, it also spreads positive social awareness message. Be the awareness leader this year and spread message about COVID19 to the society around you.


DIY Halloween Costume Step By Step

First collect the items needed to make this brilliantly designed costume at home.

  • Pool Noodles
  • Bubble Ball – this is a must have item for designing safe and user friendly costume.
  • Red body suit
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks


Simple and easy to follow steps. Cut the noodles 12″ long. We will need many noodles.

Inflate the bubble ball. It will be the wrapper around you. This lightweight ball is easy to carry and also protect you from coming in close contact with others.

Using glue gun and glue sticks, stick the noodles to the bubble ball.

social distancing themed Halloween

I am sure by now you have guessed the concept and what it will produce in the end. The concept is the bubble ball will be the core of Coronavirus whereas the noodles will form the spikes of this virus.

social distancing themed Halloween

You will be dressed in red body suit and stay at the center of the ball. A living and moving Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID19.

social distancing themed Halloween

Isn’t that a brilliant idea. A fun project to be made with kids and family.

When you wear this Coronavirus themed costume, trick is guaranteed and so is the treat. Chances are without you uttering the Halloween magic words “trick or Treat” the social distancing themed costume will automatically do the trick for you.

social distancing themed Halloween

The brain behind this novel and brilliantly deigned costume has already received lot of raises. His uncanny style to explain the step by step DIY Halloween costume at home method is unique and chances are high that you will simply fall in love with this guy.

Here is how to make DIY Social Distancing Themed Halloween Costume at home


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