Social Distancing Has Changed The Way You Will Receive Haircut | Welcome To New World Post Coronavirus

Social Distancing Has Changed The Way You Will Receive Haircut.

Welcome To New World Post Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything we do, how we interact with others, the way we shop, social gathering and much more.

Even air travel, schools and movie theaters are implementing novel techniques to maintain the social distancing. You may have seen the recent protest news, people are tired of extended lockdown and want to just come out risking their life. The funny thing about this protest was, people are demanding to open the beauty salon to get a haircut.

Social distancing has changed

Hair cut is a very hot topic these days. Starting from CNN to Foxnews to Hollywood, the chatter of this minute is hair cut. Many pundits such as Doctor Gupta on CNN to Hollywood celebrities demonstrated in-home haircut. There started the trend #stayathomehaircut or #haircutathome or #inhomehaircut and many more.

What is trending Quarantine Haircut Challenge

Social distancing has changed

This trending challenge is full of fun, full of information and full of help to share your failed haircut or share tips on how to get a haircut at home and much more. Failed haircuts have been liked by many users as it gave them much needed laughter during otherwise depressed time.

We have shared a Twitter collection of Top 25 Funny Haircut People Have Received During Quarantine. If you like to see the hilarious haircut pictures, see it here.

New Haircut in Social Distancing

When you don't know

Until a treatment to cure Coronavirus is found, the social distancing isn’t going away. Get adjusted to social distancing norm to protect you and others during virus pandemic.

The way we are desperate to get a haircut, one thing is for sure that coronavirus is going to make divorce layers and hairstylist super rich.

It appears as if as soon as the lockdown ends, people will rush to hair salon first. After staying under same roof with totally disconnected from social life, it’s natural that both husband and wife are sick of each other and hence divorce is quite likely.

Here is a sneak peak into tomorrow’s world with social distancing mandates in place.

Your hairstylist is required to keep the mandatory 6ft distance between him and you when offering the hair cut. But how’s that possible. If you are a hairstylist, these videos may interest you to quickly learn how to do your job once after lockdown is lifted.

Hair cut using fire or firecut

According to one study, the Coronavirus is killed by the fire or can’t survive the elevated temperature.

Why not to put your hair on fire during haircut. That way any traces or virus strains will be burnt by the fire and you will get virus proof haircut.


Six foot long pole for the haircut

Social distancing has changed

It’s fairly simple and many hair salons are already trying this technique.

Tie the clipper to a pole. A long stick will do the job too. Make sure the pole length meets social distancing norms. Maneuver the pole bound clipper and trimmer to perform your job.

Same goes spraying shampoo or sprinkle water to make hair wet before haircut.

You may think the head massage after hair cut won’t be possible, well think again. The trick here is that your hairstylist can tie boxing gloves to the pole and use gloves to offer you massage.

I don’t know if this trick can work on pedicure and manicure but hey, first thing first. Let’s concentrate on getting a haircut. Everything else comes later. And by the time the protest erupts over nail salon, I am sure our scientists may discover cure for coronavirus.

Here are few funny videos trending on social media showing how to offer haircut maintaining social distance.

Our recommendation to hairstylist, better practice at home first before hitting beauty salon. Try the social distancing haircut on your family member just to get comfortable. Else you may end up in poking customer’s neck with the trimmer.

Social distancing has changed

Video shows how Social distancing has changed the way you will get the haircut.

Check out one more


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