Sister Celebrating Younger Siblings First Menstrual Period Is True Example Of Empowerment Of Today’s Girl

Girl’s life is not easy as with the growing age comes with many changes in teenage girl’s life. It’s not easy to cope up with these changes at such early age and many teenage girls find themselves dealing with balancing between both emotional and physical challenges. Especially for the girls in the age group of 12 to 14, the major life event is the menstrual period. As 21st century girl, there is no need to feel shy. Rather learn to accept this natural event in your life and embrace it. Old sister celebrating younger siblings first menstrual period is symbol of girl empowerment.

Achieving puberty is natural phenomenon in teenage girl’s life. Getting the first menstruation period means entering into a new phase of life and your daughter needs both emotional and physical support from her parents. But often the menstruation and related conversation is abruptly shuttered down.

In most of the cases, the menstruation usually begins between ages 12 and 13, but getting your first period earlier or later is perfectly normal. In biological terms, the first menstrual period is referred as “menarche.” This is a very delicate phase in girl’s life. As a parent or older sibling, it is everyone’s responsibility to offer much needed support with emphasis on the fact that girls are not inferior than boys in important. As daddy’s little princess is growing and ready to face the world, she must know that there will be always someone to support her in any situation she faces in life.

Sister Celebrating Younger Siblings First Menstrual Period

When Ella’s sister broke the news of getting her first menstrual cycle, Ella wanted to cheer up her mood, make it as a memorable and happy moment of the life than getting bogged down by fear of experiencing painful cramps. There are many misconceptions owing to girl’s first period still discussed in today’s modern world. In some countries, discussing girl’s period is considered as sin.

To celebrate first menstrual period, preparations were made. A shopping trip was necessary to collect frosting and other decoration for never seen before ‘Period Cake’.

sister celebrating younger siblings

A barbie doll was added to depict what the menstrual period actually looks like. I agree the depiction has become too loud, especially given the excessive use of red frosting. All and all, the idea wasn’t bad. At least this young sister had someone with whom she can share her personal things, innermost feelings confidently. Her concerns, question related to menstruation won’t be abruptly shut down.

Isn’t Ella the best big sister?

sister celebrating younger siblings

Ella’s attempt to decorate cake for her young sister wasn’t easy. Given that it’s really awkward to do such things in front of your parents, Ella somehow manage to pull the show. Her young sister too joined and sportively supported her creative attempt. In my case, I’ve had my period for 5 years and I haven’t told anyone yet out of fear and worrying what my family may say. Wish I had a little sister to do this too, but alas. I am surely going to try this on my brother.

If you too are thinking of trying this idea on your young sibling, beware as this can sometimes actually annoy them. On the flip side, a good idea to build string bond of relationship with your young sister. You know where to shop for the cake decoration. Amazon, the one stop shop for everything from Barbie doll to sweet red frosting and everything in between.


Most viewed Video On TikTok

sister celebrating younger siblings

The positive message has reached the audience and resonated with many TikTok users. Till now this video has collected millions of views and many positive comments. For TikTok’er Ella Olesek, this video of positive message has brought her very first video surpassing million views.

Periods are natural and normal, if the sister is fine with this then there is no problem. Periods are nothing to be ashamed about.

The unique concept to psychologically boost young sister’s moral at life’s important milestone has received many rave views and comments.

You can checkout Ella Olesek TikTok profile here.

Watch this odd but unique way of old sister celebrating younger siblings first menstrual period here.



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