Simple But Passionate Dance With Loaf Of Bread Has Gone Viral And Trending On TikTok

When you pour your heart out, your honest efforts are appreciated by audience.

Currently trending simple but passionate dance shows potential of home made videos over staged and perfectly choreographed videos.


What can go viral on social media is anybody’s guess. Marketing agencies are always on lookout to understand audience’s taste so they can effectively promote their products. However, despite analyzing the market, using state of art market analysis many videos fail to be noticed by the audience. Home made unstaged videos are gaining edge over commercially produced videos which can be seen in this case where a simple but passionate dance with loaf of bread has gone viral and trending on TikTok.

This shows there is no known recipe of producing viral and trending videos.

Same logic goes true on YouTube where every second hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded. You search for a topic and no matter how rare it is, you will definitely find hundreds of videos already published.

Simple But Passionate Dance Going Viral on TikTok

simple but passionate dance

A video of man holding a loaf of bread is making rounds on video sharing platform TikTok. Simple concept but when you watch the video, you will immediately realize the honesty and passion the way he is seen dancing. Not afraid of people around him, it’s just him and his loaf of bread what matters the most.

simple but passionate dance

In the video published on TikTok, he can be found singing in awkward voice, That shows he doesn’t have any singing talent. But he isn’t bothered. It’s more like a celebration mood after satisfied with his long lasting craving for the french bread. The loaf of bread can become precious to someone is simply unbelievable.

simple but passionate dance

Initially finding it odd, many restaurant patrons showed dislikes towards this unexpected performance. However after seeing it more, many seem to be enjoying it. The choice of song is icing on cake.

The video has raked in more than 9 million views and counting. Thousand of views and likes received infer to one single thing, his confidence and happy mood. Almost every TikTok user has liked the way he is singling and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

My social anxiety would never allow me to do this and I wish I had this type of confidence. Dang if I ever saw you I would just vibe with you.

All and all, this video will bring satisfaction and smile of joy and happiness on your face. Instead of stretching more, below is the simple but passionate dance video that has gone viral and trending on Tiktok.


When people realize that they think he is the one being filmed and laughed at.

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