Show Must Go On No COVID No Corona Can Stop The Fashion Ramp Walk

Show Must Go On

Show Must Go On No COVID No Corona Can Stop The Fashion Ramp Walk. Agree that stay at home or working from home has brought upon us many restrictions. Even social gathering or partying with friends is gone. But no virus should stop our life or the pleasures of our life. Similar to show must go on, many users are becoming creative and trying to find fun in small things or trying to do things in a different way.

This is a new quarantine life where our home is the new world. But when you are creative, a beautiful mind doesn’t bother about the restrictions we are facing. This women has managed to entertain herself with a novel and cute cat walk, yes literally cat walk.

Show Must Go On

Who says fashion ramp walk should stop, watch how this cute furry friend joined this women’s little show in making this amazing video.

Show Must Go On

Starting with a stylish garland full of mice, followed by a dashing Halloween then comes a summer afternoon with glasses followed by fall colored theme and finally Christmas themed walk, this cat has cooperated with her owner to bring all seasons alive in one quick video.

Without tiring or missing a single step this gorgeous walks tight on the ramp and surely will dazzle you.


Be creative and make something that everyone may like as the quarantine days are hard and trying your patience. When the period of isolation runs from few days to weeks and then to month, it really takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

You can stay clam and carry on as this is necessity of given situation and isolation and social distancing can only protect you. If you loose your cool, you can end up in going nuts like the dudes shown in this video.


It was a fun video and didn’t know that TikTok user can like this video. Believe or not, this video is seriously trending on TikTok. Lot of users have watched this unusual style of completely wacko dance style.

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